Sunday, January 27, 2008

Yeehaw its sporting clay time again

We went to Jake"s in Midland last Monday and shot 5 station sporting clay. I had a blast. It was my first time there and the place is set up great. Props to whomever planned that place out.
It was also my first time to shoot with my new Winchester OU. Wow what an improvement!
I don't think I will embarrass my sister out at Wind walker this year.
Which reminds me ---- I got my invite to the BIG Shoot on April 18,19 At WindWalker .
Fiberod will be a sponsor and I will get to shoot with some customers. I can't wait though, and I will be looking for any customer who wants to practice, before then.
Hope my old shoulder holds up- but the new gun will help there too.

Other news-- Mackenzie is growing up fast. So far So good on the relationship with her mom.

Oil Field- Fiberod has signed a letter of intent to sell. We are now going though the process-Wish the auditors luck.
We have also been fortunate in the fact that all Fiberod techs, salesmen, and assistants will now be enrolled in the same class that PENTA in Canada requires of all its Petroleum Engineers, and Production Superintendents. An overview of Artificial Lift, and a complete a complete rod design and troubleshooting course, this includes a textbook that will be invaluable for years . ^Thanks to RR and the powers that be for this opportunity. All them Fiberod Boys will be more informed and certainly more desirable (at least to you guys that keep trying to hire us all)

I am really Stoked about this and will be happy to be a student of Professor Fred Morrow. He has been instructing in Canada and the U.S for years. Many of you in the Permian Basin have either been students, recipients, or customers of Fred's though out the years. But did you know he has numerous patents and published papers that have helped revolutionize (counter-clockwise is you will, since he is an Aggie) the oilfield.

anyways , thanks for your time
Scott e

Sunday, January 13, 2008

chock another one up to WAL-MART

Well, it is done. We just had Dibrell's Sporting Goods "Out of Business" Auction. This place had been in business in Big Spring for over 50 years. Granted still not with the original owner , but it had never closed its doors.

This is one that you really can mark up to wally-wally land. Guns are cheaper when you can get a trainload fronted to you. They had been struggling for 5 years or so and finally said "calf rope".

When are we all gonna wake up?? Have you ever been to a small town without Wal-mart?

Credos to Alpine, Tx. -- They told the bigstore to look elsewhere and all of their stores and downtown seems to still be doing great. I truly wish that our city officials had done the same.

Next we will build a loop around Big Spring to the west. Port to Plains. Another opportunity to tell Walmart to go away, because they will want to move to the New part of town. Hope someone around here grows a brain. Then tells them to move on. I personally would rather have American made electronics that cost more, but are repaired instead of replaced.
Next on Wal-marts list---small liquor stores.
25 years ago Pinky aka "pinky's liquor stores" got a law (sunset) passed that states any hard liquor will be sold by a business that is 51% Texas owned. Wal-mart has spent over a cool $million trying to repeal this law. This session they are gonna hit it hard again. If you have any pull with your state rep or senator --let him know if you are against this repeal effort.
Or we can just watch one more genre of Texas businessmen and women take it up ass (without any reach around) !!!
That's my opinion --sound off with yours--double dog dare ya/

thanks for your time