Thursday, January 29, 2009


This little girl likes Cocoa Puffs. Even if it is just because it makes chocolate milk.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

See--thats the reason we are afraid of computers.

Last week - Janie was a wishing she could get a new look for her blog. Ya know spruce it up a little and maybe help put some cheer into every ones life. (or at least that's the way I have it figured in my mind). After a blog about just such feelings ,That Janie Girl, must have gotten a lot of comments about changing templates and backgrounds and such. How do I know -cause I ain't blind yet. She did what we all fear-Lost her work-Template Gone-Content Intact!

My 3 sons have grown up with a computer. My eldest , age 21, could out type me by the time he was 10. None of them have any regard for the price of a computer and I always thought this was why they were so fearless. Back when a decent PC had 1 gig hard drives and the prices were 5 or even 10 times higher than now-my boys could shortcut me through any problem. I am still reluctant to short cut , even though I back up to a hard drive constantly.
So Sis don't despair, the old blog was pretty .........But the content was always the prize.
Thanks for your time

Friday, January 9, 2009

Another Rant from ScottE

You are interested in opening a business! You don't say? Do you have any plans in order? What is your reason for wanting to go into business? Want to be your own boss? Want to golf and go home early like your boss does?

I have owned my own business for over 20 years. Not the same business for 20 years but for myself for over 20 years. I worked 18 and 20 hour days for the first few years. Then I figured out how to only work 1\2 a day. I know what your thinking—4 hours a day ---yep I want to own my own business, too. There are 24 hours in a day the last time I looked and yepper, I still work 12 hour days. That is usually after I put in a solid 7 for the Oilfield Co. which also employees me. I do count the hour between 5 and 6 am. As one of those 12 hours.

I paid my property taxes today. And my business personal property tax. This is after I paid the Texas State Comptroller .10 per pack floor tax for all the cigs on the shelf Dec. 31. This is on top of the sales tax the state pulls out of my account on the twentieth of every month. Plus the 2.89 that is added to each pack of cigs before I buy them. And of course there is income tax. Are you sure this is still capitalism—it reeks of fascism to me.

Save us Mr. Obama! We really are rooting for you to pull off a miracle to save our country. Everything I know about business has changed in the last 6 months. You don't file bankruptcy and reorganize. You don't throw out the rotten and bad, you give it a bonus. You just take on a new partner with a never ending cash flow. Why it's almost as if this new partner can just print greenbacks!!! If we need it our new partner will give us a cash influx. They won't even ask for receipts? Nope. They are faithful! So let's have a party, to the tune of $500,000. When government becomes a partner ……….. Trouble……..follows. How can we trust the government to run private business----this same governmental system can't run the country in the black. Do we think that collectively these men and women have more business sense than men like Lee Iacocca? Of course they do!! After all they spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to get elected to a $70.000 position. And they somehow always leave office rich, with book deals, speaking engagements, personal appearances and other more secretive endorsements. All Paid!!!!

If it is a high enough position in our government……free security for life. With a library in your state with your name and government employees. Oh and did I mention that when you decide to no longer seek office-you campaign fund becomes your personal monies!!!

A State impeached a governor today, for offering Obama's senate seat to the highest bidder, openly. He denies any wrong doing. He simply did in public what has been done in private for generations. Not smart, but brutally poignant. This guy knows how it is done—he is not making up his defense. He will probably lose-but I think he has a chance to beat this impeachment. Time will tell.

Sorry for showing my ignorance,

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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Wow - Now how did I miss this part of Texas!

I had to go to Uvalde Texas yesterday. I don't remember ever going that way before and I thought it was breathtaking. Followed 83 thru Junction to Leakey (pronounced Lakey) and was just amazed at the landscape. This could surely be construed as God's Country. Rivers, Springs, Wet weather creeks, and trees galore.

Leakey is like going through a time warp to me. Every thing is just as slow and unhurried as possible. Every one in town is on Valium. This is one laid back town pop 345. HEB Ranch (yep , the grocery store) is in the most beautiful canyon cut by the Frio River, Garner State Park is right there too. It is worth the drive.

Ulvalde is a clean , enterprising town , looks like it has figured out the Bazillion Dollar Ranches can sustain a town.

Nice Nice Country. While this water looks very shallow it is actually over my head deep. If you look close in the top picture you will see an appaloosa catfish.

Guestamated weight about 5 lbs.

This was my view this morning at 6 am . What a refreshing trip.

Thanks for your time


Monday, January 5, 2009

To the left and above are Macz and her rockin horse "Champion". She does love to ride, Cowgirl!

Above is our youngest son , #3, in his normal pose in front of 2 --count em - 2 puters.

This is #1 and Macz. Can you tell she is trying to get away. She can only sit for about 2 seconds. She came by that natural , we are all accused of the same thing.
I know that this is not a blog that gets a lot of attention .....Like Janies. But this is a good way for kinfolk to keep up with GRANDDAUGHTER EXTRAORDINARE.
Thanks for your time,