Friday, October 9, 2009

Write it yourself!!

My sister Janie has been blessed with a rare opportunity. She has the chance to write her own job description in a real situation.
I hereby challenge all who happen along this blog to try the same thing. I tried it and it is a lot harder than you think! But it is not an exercise of futility! I learned many things about myself in less than 10 minutes. Try it --I double dog dare ya.
Here is my feeble attempt at a real job description designed just for me.

First I must list a few things for those of you who don't know me.
I love work! (any work, not just my job, but any work!!! When I get off work...I go to work)
I am a salesman! This is not my job , it is what I am. Deep Down in my soul. It is what I know and do better than anything in the world.
I value relationships and honor more than money.
I am a garner of favors! I would rather trade favors than anything else. It is a barter thing for me.

Scott's perfect Job Description

My base salary per annum is $1. I like to be compensated for what I accomplish but I don't need base pay. I also will not participate in any meeting, conference call, email carousel, or retreats that do not include clients. I will be involved with any thing or things that involve building a trusted relationship with our company or companies clients.

I will be payed a commision or %percentage of each and every $1 that comes to this company because of my efforts or actions. Overide! Gross! Profit does not concern me!

Clients may reach me 24\7. Anyone who works for me or my department will adopt this policy on a rotating basis. Support position must be covered 24\7 for maximum potential.

Our products must be flawless in design and reality. I cannot sell it , if I don't believe in it. If you say it floats-it had better float! And if it doesn't we will stand behind our product and replace it with another! And so on! I want to be able to hold my head up everyday, because we just don't bullsh+t! No matter what we sell--service is the key!

I do all the hiring and firing , and every teammate will sign a contract agreeing to my terms. I cannot lose a key player because he or she had a bad day , or week. I also will not work with a slacker so I must also control the terminations.

Now get out of the way and have enough inventory or hands to fill the orders! I won't tell you how to accomplish this and you don't tell me how to sell. If there is no profit in our products or services at this might be time to shave some middle management and performance bonuses.


Now I realize that I did not mention company vehicle, expenses, perks, travel, or retirement. This is because after reading what I had already written and knowing what is between these lines.....I can only work for me! It is that job description isn't it.......jeffe,boss, owner, or majority stockholder.
And this is why I go to work when I get off work!

Thanks for your time
Gotta Go!