Friday, December 19, 2008

Watch out Janie, now I have a good camera , too.

I got my Merry Christmas, a Canon EOS Rebel xsi, with a whole crap load of lenses and memory and flash and filters and tripods and cases and how in the world does anyone have enough spare time to ever figure one of these things out. And just how detailed should a picture be, 12.2 mega pixels , takes a lot of memory on my laptop. I will just upgrade to a bigger hard drive , I guess.

I can now zoom in on a blemish , or zit to the cellular point. I am not real sure that is a good thing. But I love it and surely I will be able to figure this out eventually, or have a lot of fun trying anyway. I have included a picture I took of two of my employees both with swells . I titled this photo Karmen gets her butt kicked by a baby. They think it is hilarious.
Anyway it runs in the family right Janie? I will inately know all you have learned about photography in the last 30 years , right? Yeah, right.
Thanks for your time
Scott E

Saturday, December 13, 2008


121!! That is the # of dead deer (fresh) on the road between Big Spring, Tx and Austin, Tx on 12-12-08. My bud ,Mac, and I went to pick up #1s car from UT yesterday. We left BS @ 2pm and got back at 2 am. Fast trip except for visiting with Tony & Jeanette. Nice apartment kids!

Mac and I got bored with this trip earlier this year, and we decided we would count deer next trip. In the south bound leg , we counted 24 dead deer. Mostly between Brady and Llano. During the north bound trip 97 deer--Only 11 between Llano and Brady!!! The major slaughter of dumb deer was from San Angelo to Big Spring. Full Moon maybe? I wonder how much money is spent at auto body repair shops due to collisions with deer? I'll bet there are some rich Christmas mornings at the shop owners this year. MERRY CHRISTMAS KIDS!!

I think the insurance companies of Texas should pool together some money to High Fence the Highway. Untold Millions would be saved over the years. But then we would likely have to bail out the Body Shops of Texas.
We made it back with all intact-trailer lights not withstanding. 43' of dodge and darting driving.
we may have missed a few of the deer--please do not use this data in any scientific polls or surveys. Data might be good for a dissertation or a master thesis , but I am probably not the expert in this field.

Thanks for your time

pictures of my xmas present to my wife!

Don't you think she will love it???? This is why we are still married-I am very thoughful!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas presents pick themselves around here!!!

It all started on Thanksgiving Day!!! After feeding the masses, the missus said,"Sccccooootttt, the kitchen sink is not draining!!!) We have remodeled her family home and our new kitchen has two sinks. All of the plumbing in the house is new-except for 1 drain. Yepper, the kitchen sink with the DISHWASHER attached. It would have been a major floor chipping operation to replace that drain in the beginning, traversing 20 feet diagonally across the kitchen to where the drain intersects with the bathroom. Soooooooo.........I left it. The only old drain in the house.
#3S and I get the plunger and run hot water--PLUNGE, sploop,PLUNGE , sploop. The water drains -YEEHI!
Fast Forward 1 week----Scoooooottttttt-the damn drain is slow again. #3S and I go to work ----PLUNGE,sploop,PLUNGE,sploop. The water drains_YEEEEHI!
Fast Forward 1 week----I notice DUCT TAPE xed across sink. Hon, are you working on the sink?? I asked incredulously! Why didn't you call me? Whats going on??
Well it seems that the sink had run slow again, and my better half decided to fix it herself. She found a chemical that you dissolve in hot water and the bacteria will eat your drains clean. I let this slide because I have been married long enough now to know better. YYYEEAAAAAHHH

Two days later , I decide it is time to do something else. So me and #3S go to work----Hot-Hot water, rags to plug off the vent and second drain, plunger, and off we go. PLUNGE-sploop_PLUNGE-glub(glub????)--PLUNGE---NADA--PLUNGE-NADA-PLUNGE-NADA!!!!
SHITSHITSHITSHITTERSHIT! (or fluckity,fluck,fluck,fluck)
Okay , hon I think we may have to break down and call a plumber! Hope we can snake this out.
I will call first thing in the morning.
6am- she said" GET OUT OF BED-THE KITCHEN IS FLOODED" I get up and sure enough I had forgotten about the RO unit. It takes 3 gallons of city water to make 1 gallon of drinking water! The extra 2 gallons goes down the drain-----or in this case ----fills up the sink and runs out in the floor. Of course if I had not decided to try to plunge the sink and filled it up with hot water it would not have run out on the floor.
Plumber arrives at 9 am..........................................5pm still clogged. Seems the old cast iron pipe has decided that his work is done. The plumber decides to call it a day. We will start over in the morning.
Present day--We are on day 3 of the Wacky World of Plumbing! There are multitudes of equipment in our front yard. A Komotsu track hoe, a diamond tipped bladed concrete saw, jack-hammer, air compressor, shovels, picks, and piles of rubble. Concrete , mud, dirt and chipped up brick and tile are everywhere. We cant just bring the drain out the wall , we have to attach the vent to it also. More brick, concrete, and of course MONEY!
After talking to our plumber, we all decided that I would hire the concrete and brick repair out to someone who specializes in that genre of construction. Since the plumbers charge me $105 per hour , I know I can save some money there. The plumbing work should finish up tomorrow, and the concrete\brick\tile guy is coming over Saturday.
My lovely wife looked at me this evening and said"You don't have to get me a Christmas present". I have already told you I have been married too long to fall for one like that.

I think I will get her a disposal! Yeah! That will surprise her, and she will like it. Now where will I find the electricity to run it?????? Okay , I'll call an electrician!!!!! Pictures of my front yard -I will post in the morning.
Thanks for your time ,
Merry CHRISTmas!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Home Interior Mackenzie style!

Sorry about the picture quality -cell phone camera is always handy! She sure is proud of her design ability. She can REDO a room in about 2 minutes. And I love it. I just seems right until you step on one of her toys in the middle of the night. Ahhhhhhhh Grandkids , gotta love em!
By the way , the picture of the young man with me on the header is my #1 son , a senior at UT and the father of this beautiful girl.
Thanks for your time,

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Really Really Just Rambling

I own a discount tobacco store in my home town. The only one in town to be truthful. Today the local news media, Channel 7 KOSA, called me to see if they could film inside my store???
It seems after a fatality in a trailer house fire last week, the authorities deciphered that a burning cigarette started the fire. Combine that with a new law about removing the chemicals that keep a cig lit that enacts in January, and my store looked like a good place for a panoramic view of a plethora of cancer sticks.
I talked with the reporter on the phone and gave my permission to video tape the interior of the store.

My point , You ask? Well , I opened this little store 10 years ago. I naively assumed that a law that was in committee in the Texas Senate would become law. I forgot that MalWart and BEH along with others had the same right to own Lobbyists as anyone. I am referring to a law that has been quashed term after term. This law was to basically remove tobacco products from any establishment that allowed minors in the building.
You know- like a liquor store has been your whole life! I was gonna be rich!!
Well, 10 years later, a lot has changed , and the place is profitable. Anything vice related-eh Bro-IN-Law! Inside Joke sorry!
I think this is a unique example of our government at work. Here you have a bill, that makes it thru the whole process, and becomes a law. Really -We are taking out the chemical(s) that keep a cigarette burning, but we are leaving all of the addictive chemicals. And the ones known to cause cancer. Out of all of our legislators-not one thought about adding this to this law? Buuuullllssssshhhhhhiiiiiittttttt!
The money talks and the rest of us take it up the butt.
No one cares if the cigarette goes out-the end user will like it better. He can relight his smoke now. No one will holler too loud-The only ones hurt are the co that makes the chemical (salt-peter) and The tobacco co that decided to add the chemical in the first place. They sure aren't gonna holler cause if they comply they get to keep all the subsidies the Fed gives them.
And they look like they are doing something for the end user. Formerly known as a smoker. Now can be found at social outcast areas statewide!
By the way isn't salt-peter something the Fed gave soldiers to keep the lead out of their pencils during the war. Wow, I wonder if Viagra stock will soften? MILF will love that!!!!!!
I have prattled on way too long-but if you happened to watch the 6 pm news, that was my store!
Did you see it?
Now we are BIGTIME-heee heeee

Thanks for your time

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sunday, November 23, 2008

OKAY , #1 son -You were right about that.

When #1 and #2 sons told me they would both vote for Obama , I tried to talk them out of it. At that time they said something that made more sense than anything else I have heard. See if you agree!

#1 - Dad, I would vote Republican but for one thing. I feel that if we had spent $10 billion a month on border security and on alternative fuels, we would already have a solution for the energy crisis. Border security would help with terrorists-Who would number a lot less if we had never invaded Iraq. We have effectively forced countries to unite against us that have been at war for centuries.

Now I have friends with children in this war, and I support them. All of them!! I hope that they do their duty and get home safe. But I can't help but think , I would rather them all be home. NOW!
Son , I hope that our new President can get us out of this war--maybe if he does--it won't be another Vietnam. Obama -make Iraq use their own money and young men to fight this war.
They have billions in surplus-use it. Get our boys and girls home! We will use the military as border security-and put the money to use on that car that runs on air. or water. or helium. or better yet sand---that way we can still import it from the middle east. Shipping won't suffer!
Thanks for your time,


Okay -lets preface this post by bringing you all up to speed. The company I work for in the Permian Basin has been purchased by a huge foreign company---The Jones. Now the Jones have not ever been in West Texas or even the oilfield per say.
The VP of our company has been named VP of the new company-so he is in effect our old boss' new boss. He and I had a discussion about some of the changes coming down the pike as of this buyout. This was last Thursday!! He then left for Romania with his new boss for a week.

Tuesday, I get an email from him asking for my concerns in writing-survey form--top 5 concerns. I am thinking -Wow -this guy really is good with a puter for an old man. This is a top notch form survey he has forwarded me. Signed with his name and even has a picture of him.
Should have been my first warning.

I missed it. I shamelessly continued where our meeting last week had left off........pulled no punches........explained how the new company had already dropped the for a couple more bottom line figure for staying with the new my hopes and dreams for the future.........and a little constructive criticism for our new sister company ICD. Then spell checked it all and pushed SEND.....

As soon as it finished sending a return receipt from corporate hit my box. OH SHAT SHAT SHAT. Corporate???? Why was this from VP then? Oh shat , I need to get my resume up to date!!! This is gonna stink a little.

Thursday Morning --I get an email from VP's boss - The President of Our New Company--He curtly thanked me for my input. Informed me that he was in Romania-but would contact me personally when he returned to the States. Okay........resume is now up to date......reason for leaving last employer-----------Hair trigger Send Button!!!

Sunday -check email-There it is --VP's response to my email.
He starts by informing me that both he and his boss read my TOP FIVE REASONS FOR CHANGING CAREERS the day that I sent it. It was one of the first emails they got in Romania.
He thanked me and told me that I was the only respondent at our company...(Shat-am I the only dumbedass country boy or what) and that my concerns were shared by both he and his boss. He explained that both he and the prez request my presence in Chicago Illinois the week after Thanksgiving.
Shat! Better than I hoped! Shat!! Or is it??? Shat!!! Shat!!! Oh well, I was looking for a job when I found this one----only the price of oil was at $50 going up when I hired on and now it is $50 on the down slide side.
Sis---I may be looking , but I will know more when VP gets back. He is fairly easy to read. I hope.
Thanks for your time

Friday, November 21, 2008

Okay, Okay I guess I will post then!!!

Wow, big Sis added a little sidebar to my blog. I can now tell that ya'll have been stopping by to read the same old posts. I have been shamed!!!! Sorry! I will try to post more regularly and maybe yall will get some worth out of the wordiness that is Me.

I will post pictures of the implosion later today! And then I'll make something up if I have nothing to post.

Thanks for your time

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Midland Building Implosion

Wow- that was too cool for us!!! We took advantage of the Hilton's proximity to the implosion yesterday. They were renting rooms (nice rooms) for $99. Not with a view of the implosion mind you, those were around $250. We went over Friday nite and went to bed. Alarm at 7 am - up and bundled up against the cold. 35F --cold for us West Texans. Went to the elevator and made our way toward the front of the Hotel Hilton. Along the way -Coffee. Out the front door and there we were!!!! Front row center ! 20 minute wait--saw Skeet Foster from Sterling City.
Mayor Wes Perry announced the 3 minute warning......1 minute siren.....10,9, 8,7,6,5,4,3, 2,1.....Boom -Boom-Boom-Boom-Boom-Boom-Boom-Boom-Boom-Boom-Boom-Boom-Boom.......nothing........boomboomboombooomboomboomboomboomboomboom. There she goes.....15 seconds from start Boom to on the ground. WAAAAAAY CoooooL! Back in the Hilton before the dust gets us .........Breakfast buffet.....Free......Back to the room and out before 9 am.
Thank you city of Midland, Hilton(great idea),Wes Perry, A & R Demolitions, Discovery Channel ( look for the Fiberod Cap and Nick's Bright Orange Head Cap) and the 15 to 20 thousand people who attended! It was a first for me and my Family, I hope you and yours got to see it also!!!
Thanks for your time

Friday, October 31, 2008

How should I vote Dad?

I have 3 sons, and 2 of them are voting age. #1 is 21, and #2 just turned 18. Both of them think Obama will probably win the election. #2 said, "Dad, how should I vote??? I feel democratic, but I know you and mom are conservative. I like Obama....but I am not sure?

I said Son go mow the yard and the job pays $40 bucks.
When you are done We will go down to the Salvation Army and give the $40 to the homeless guys.

#2 said " but I mowed the yard!!!!"

I said "now you are a conservative too.!!!!

Thanks for your time
Scott E

Floyd has been moved to a long term care center in Midland. Need more Prayers!!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

floyd update!

Floyd Brownfield is still in ICU @ Midland Memorial. Turns out that Floyd has a busted left shoulder , on top of the fractured skull, cracked ribs, cracked vertebra, and everything else is badly bruised. They were taking him for another full body scan this afternoon , and the last brain scan showed some swelling. Doctors say this is normal because they just removed the probe from his brain. They are increasing his time out of the induced coma by 15 minutes , twice a day. He will be up to 2 hours this evening.
This is gonna be a long process and the Brownfield family needs your prayers!!!!
Floyd, Nancy, Kevin, Janice, and ......... dang it there is another daughter!!! sorry! and their kids all are still worried sick. Nancy looked great this afternoon, but I can tell she is sick with worry.
She is a warrior and will stand by her man through it all. We talked at length today and she told me stories of Floyd's kindness that he will be pissed about me knowing later. HA HA I can't wait to tell of his philanthropy at the coffee bar , after he is well , of course!!!
Pray for them!!! These are good people.
Thanks for your time

Friday, October 3, 2008

Prayers Needed!!!

A great co-worker was hurt on the job , 2 days ago, and is still in ICU @ Midland Memorial. Floyd Brownfield (vp of operations) took a bad spill from our new staircase and fractured his skull, some ribs, and got generally banged up pretty good. Floyd is in an induced coma in ICU, and all indications are good. But he and his family need your prayers!!!! Floyd and Nancy Brownfield, their children, grandchildren, and coworkers have effectively taken over the ICU waiting room and have put their lives on hold to rally behind Floyd.
Please join me in my prayers for this wonderful family and man. Floyd is the guy who is always at work first (6am) and many days I have been at the plant in Big Spring at 7 pm and he was still there. I think he really likes his job. He has been responsible for the production line and plant for decades, and Fiberod owes him a large amount of their success.
I pray for the rapid recovery of Floyd Brownfield, and Peace for his family!! They are worried sick and need our support. Nancy is a wonderful woman , and we all think of her and Floyd as family -not just co-workers. She will not leave the hospital and we and her family understand her wishes. We will do everything we can to make this better for her and her family.
I have never asked readers for anything , but prayer is greatly needed.
Nancy, Kevin, Janice, Steve, and the rest of the family, I am proud to work with you and Floyd.
I am also greatful that it was Floyd's head that took the brunt of the fall, cause it is a fact, Floyd Brownfield is the hardest headed guy at Fiberod. Love you all and may Jesus answer all your prayers and help this accident be just one more story in the long and eventful life and times of Floyd Brownfield and family.
Thanks for your time
Scott E

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pemian Basin Oil Show

This is my first PBOS since 1980's and I sure don't remember it being this much work. Of course in the 80's, I was on the other end . Back then I worked for an oil company(now defunct) and all I had to do was show up.
Now that I work for a service company(Fiberod) it is a different story. Not only do we have a booth that we must set up , man , and fill with goodies. But we also host one of the Premiere Parties of the show.
Party is set for Wed, Oct. 22 at the new Fiberod facility on I-20 @ W loop 250. 7 pm
2 bands, beer and wine bar, Italian food, and every employee at Fiberod, plus sister co CDI, plus parent company John Crane.
Motel rooms, caterers, tables , chairs , booze, security, trash detail, tipsy taxis, shirts, sticks (these are the most requested), and more make this one big job.
I am sure glad it is not my job. I am just a bystander in the planning stage, but will be a big part of the labor stage. How come ?? Just my nature , I guess.
If you are a part of this industry (oil and Gas) then you probably have plans to attend the show, If you are a Fiberod customer (especially one of mine) then please consider yourself formally invited to our party. If you just want to crash-----Well , You are on your own. (call me) but my official retort is Sorry, Industry only!!!!
I must leave for Farmington next week and when I return I am sure it will be balls to the wall. Our annual sales meeting is scheduled for Thursday and Friday after the oil show. Good Timing!!! Parent company 's first one, so they will probably not make the same choice two years from now. Lots of hungover sales force!!! Makes for a sour meeting usually. We shall see, but I won't be able to tell how it all works out till November , if I am lucky.
Plan to attend the PERMIAN BASIN OIL SHOW OCTOBER 21-23 and be sure to stop by the Fiberod booth, we will have our green (energy saving product) walking sticks available to all who come by and ask for one. These sticks are used for showing livestock, gun bracing, and dog repellent when taking a walk. They are also great for pointers in a presentation, spouse retraining, and kid attitude adjustment.

See you at the Oil Show,
thanks for your time

Friday, September 12, 2008

happy birthday baby girl


Wow! Is This Woman for real?

Governor Sara Palin? Who? Can this be our next VP?
I can only hope so! A NRA member, avid outdoors woman, anti earmarks, devoutly religious, and has that naughty librarian thing going, too!!!
Lets hope she can withstand the onslaught from the left. And Pray that she is given the guidance of the Lord in her endeavors.
Did I forget to mention she is from a Big Oil State. Awwww . you already knew that.
Anyway if you are one of them mudslinging Nobama liberals , I am canceling out your vote.

Thanks for your time

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Whew made it back with some cash.

The Vegas weedend went without a hitch and #1 son and I had a fabulous time. We both made a little money and neither of us got in any trouble.

Work has been pretty crazy, and now I am leaving for Bradford, Ill. 4 am start time Monday morning. Should be back by Thursday night. Delivering 600 3\4 fiberglass rods to a customer. Get to put faces with those I have been dealing with for over a year.

Mac-z's 2 birthday is coming up Sept. 12 . Our side of her family will celebrate her feat on Sept. 6th. She sure is growing up fast.

Hope all is well with you and yours! Have a great labor day weekend !

Thanks for your time
Scott E

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

TONY is 21!!!!!!

Yep--my oldest is 21 today. Gosh how the time flys.
He and I are meeting in VEGAS Friday evening, and spending the weekend out there. I will try to instill in him the ways of Lucy.
Mom took me and taught me money managment in VEGAS.
I will attempt to do the same with Tony. I was in my late 20's when mom taught me, but I'll bet Tony can get it pretty quick. We are entered in a Texas holdem Tournament Saturday and plan on going to a show or two depending on how we do in the tournament.
I like the crap table , but we shall see.
Wish us luck.
thanks for your time
Comeon Hard 6

Monday, July 21, 2008

08 chevy recall

About 2 months ago I recieved a recall notice for my Chevy Pickup. I called the local chevy house and talked to Service. When he asked for my mileage , He was shocked! 38,795!!! How long have you had your truck? 8 months. Wow!
Well I don't think you will need the computer reset as in the recall. We have had some problems with the computers in these trucks , but it is way before 12,000 miles usually.
It may reduce your fuel mileage to get the reset , So I would just keep driving it.

No problem, I don't have to leave my pickup! I am down with that . Fast Forward to Sunday evening last. After mowing the yard , hauling off the trash, dropping a trailer, and stopping at my store(Goldrush Discount Tobacco) (blatant plug) my truck would not start.

It was so weird, everything worked perfectly but when you turn the key----NADA. ZIP!
So I pop the hood and take a look---everything looks new! The batteries are both clean and tight at the connections. I have power to everything! My batteries voltage meter shows full power. Its like a security thing!!!!!
I look at my dash and I notice a light that I have never noticed before. It is a picture of a car with a padlock through it. AND THE LOCK IS LOCKED!!!
So I call the company mechanic and he is just down the street. He looks it over and says ............
"Don't you have ONESTAR?" I said yeah (very sheepishly) and pushed the blue button.

Onestar: This is Melody with Onestar. Hello Mr. Emerson how may I help you?
Me: Help! My pickup won't start and I want it to start!
Melody from ONESTAR: Well, Mr. E it looks like your security system has locked!
Me: Uhhhh okay What now?
Mel-Onestar: Well, you can lock your vehicle using your key , not your remote. Wait about an hour and then open your door with your key, not your remote. Do you have another key?
Me: Yep
MelStar: Okay, give that a try . And if that doesn't work- you will need to contact your local dealer about that recall notice that we sent you a couple of months ago.
Me: Huh?
MStar: Yes Sir, We sent you a recall notice and you ignored it. So this is what you get!!
Next time we send you a notice you had better - get it looked at that day!!
Me: So tell me about the wait an hour and see if it starts???
Mstr: Yeah my shift will be over by then and someother a-hole will be here to handle you!
Me: OoooohKaaaaay
Msr: Have a good day and thanks for using Onestar.

(The above conversation is true! Melody was very polite and never said anything I quoted above. But the gist of the conversation is caught in the above previously discredited conversation)

The pickup was towed to the local dealership this morning, They gave me a loaner. There are advantages to living in a small town. Called me and I picked it up at 5 pm. Said sorry , but it was that recall that I told you not to get. My Bad!!!

So me and Moby are back together and I breathe a sigh of relief , everytime I turn the key and my Duramax purrs to a start. 41,045 and still going. I sure hope it lasts 2 more years--I THINK ALL THE MAINTAINER OPERATORS HAVE GONE ON TO OTHER PURSUITS!!!
I have not been on a decently graded oilfield road in 3 months.
Thanks for your time

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mackenzie's first slide show!!!

This is my perfect first grandchild, Mackenzie Bree Emerson. I am not biased!!! Love her, Love her , Love her. She is just beginning to talk, and PAPA PLLLLease! is her and my favorite. She can repeat just about any sound , so we must be very careful. Little human tape recorder!!!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

For the 5th Time

Tuesday , I had to make a turnaround trip to Marble Falls, Tx. Wed morning at 4am I returned home to find a strange vehicle in my driveway.
Now I drive a Chevy 1 Ton , 4x4, 4 door pickup and I am pulling a 30' car hauling enclosed trailer. I must park in the street.
I don't know how many thoughts went through my head.
Kid's friend? (not at 4 am, surely)
Kid's girlfriend ( it is 4 am,....)

As I approach this van that I now see has its headlights on (but they are dimming), and then I notice that my son's 98 crown vic is smashed on the driver's rear bumper , trunk , and tail light.
The van is also cratered!!!!! So I look closely and sure enough there is a young man asleep in the van!!!
I CALL 911!
911-you've reached 911 , What is your emergency?
me: Yes maam , there has been an vehicle accident at my address.
911: Are there any injuries?
me: Only to this guy's pride when he wakes up!
911: Excuse me?
me: Drunk driver in my driveway -passed out at the wheel-don't really want to wake him-he looks so peaceful!!
911: Officers are on the way!

While waiting on the officers , I leaned on the drivers side of the van window and this guy kind of stirred. He tapped the brakes and twisted the steering wheel and nodded back out. As I took my weight off of the van and it moved- This guy opened his EYES --THEN JERKED THE STEERING WHEEL RIGHT --THEN LEFT!!!!!! He then nodded back out -I guess satisfied that he had avoided hitting a pedestrian.

The B.S.P.D officers arrive in force---slow night I guess---and light up the whole neighborhood!!
It was like daylight and the video cameras are rolling, ( it is neat how fast these guys have adapted to pointing thier vehicles for the best camera angle)
Officer J: (beating on car door) Sir? Sir?
Officer J: (opening the car door) Sir? Buddy? Sir?
RipVAN: (stands for ripped in a van) Huh?
Officer J:Sir , do you know where you are??
Rip Van: Uhhhhh, Yeah, I'm waiting for my table!!
NOW THIS ACTUALLY SOUNDED LIKE..................uhhwatinftaable
Officer J: Sir , do you know who I am????
Rip Van: Yeah, I hope your the guy taking me to my table , I'm hungry.
Officer J: Sir , You are in this gentleman's driveway , do you know how you got here???
Rip Van: Uhhhhh, I'm not fixing to eat, Am I???
Officer J: Probably around 6.30, cause that is when the burrito lady comes downtown!!!!

This young man went to the car with out any incidents, but shortly his record came back from
state computers.
BLUE WARRANT -BLUE WARRANT (denotes a past prison record w\violation)
WANTED IN HOUSTON FOR..................................

Now at this point the cops are both surprised and happy!!! Surprised because he seemed so mellow with them, and happy because he had just shorted the paperwork process by 2 hours.
This is where I start thinking....
Shit- what if he had gone in my house instead of asleep?
What if he had missed the car and drove through the house?
What if he had not swerved and missed me , but had awoken and not missed me?

There is a good ending to this story. As the title reads for the 5 th time??
In my 22+years of marriage this is the fifth time someone has run into our vehicles whilst it was parked in our driveway!!!! BUT THIS WAS THE FIRST TIME -----THE VERY FIRST TIME
THAT THE DRUNK WAS FULLY INSURED. Farmers insurance will fix #2's car this week

Thanks for your time

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Smith Group (John Crane Americas) officially took over FIBEROD today. One of the first order of business.........FIRE US ALL!!!! Then after indoctrination (propaganda not medicine) , Rehire most of us.
Alot better benefits, and everything seems to be hunky dory. But in a way it is a sad day , for me at least. I went to work for a dear friend, and loved it. But now to be back in the Bad Dad Corporate world seems almost overwhelming. I'm sure it will work out well, but the change can't come fast enough now. I WANT TO KNOW EVERYTHING. NOW.........DAMIT!!!!

But it just doesn't work that way. I will keep my steeltoed boots handy and my hardhat shined up...............they still need consultants out there in the patch. or pumpers, or operators, or drillers for that matter. A man not afraid to work can drag dang good wages out there , and there is only 1 test to pass..............U.A. ......... amazing how many guys can't pass one though.

We will see how it goes.
thanks for your time
Scott E

Monday, May 5, 2008


A recent post of Janie's got me to thinking about old things , mainly about music. and cars..............and girls. No not really about the girls, but seems each song was heard with a different girl. Or so it seems in my mind!!!!!

Sis's post is about the Guess Who. I remember almost every song they ever played. Because of my 2 older siblings , I was exposed to more than most of my friends.
Janie & I both participated in choir during Secondary schooling, and were lucky to have some young choir directors......young enough to divorce and remarry each other as I remember. But we sang some pretty contemporary songs back then.
Groups that I introduced to my friends were:
Ray Charles (this was in 4 track format)
Gene Pitney
Frankie Lane (claim to fame "Rawhide")
Credence Clear water Revival
The Grateful Dead
David Gates
The Who
and this is off the top of my head---I could consult the old albums (yes albums) that my brother Tony left for us to listen to. My friends parents thought I was weird and they were probably right. I was just as likely to be singing Mares-eat-oats as I was to be singing the latest Beatles hit.
Or Harry Snilson's "Son of Snilson" 8 track blasting from my 72 Chevy as well as Jerry Jeff Walkers UP AGAINST THE WALL REDNECK MOTHERS. or Rusty Weirs curse of the redhead!
Some of my friends parents would borrow my 8 tracks for trips and I think old Morris Fraley still may have all of my Grateful Dead tapes. I need to check on that. I watch my boys download music and play it on their IPODS. And then I hear Artists Associations gripe about the theft of music.
Do they not remember double cassette recorders. I bet I recorded 10,000 songs over the years. KLIF in Dallas had a Tuesday nite and Friday nite album play at midnight. The DJ would even count down the first side so you could synchronize with the start of recording. And they played kickasss artists, so you could forgo the Tape Town crowd and dollars. This was of course way before ASCAP and other associations that have formed over the years.
I really don't think I ever bought a Steve Miller Band album or Doobie Brothers either. But you could hear them out of my speakers everyday.
The bad news is that most of my favorite music is now owned by MUZAC, and can be heard on elevators everywhere!!!
Alas the plight of the baby boomers!!!!!
thanks for your time

Saturday, May 3, 2008


It has been a month now, and we only see MacZ on Tony's visitation weekends. Hard!!!

Here are some pictures from this weekend. Sure is good to see her!!!!
She almost got away from that diaper change.
But not quite.
Thanks for your time
Scott E.

Monday, April 7, 2008



Wish us luck or pray !!!!


Sunday, April 6, 2008


Due to a power play by her mom, We have not seen Miss Mackenzie for 2 weeks. Mom got mad cause we took her to Austin to see her dad, #1son, for the weekend. Since birth if #1 brought home his NEW significant other, then Kenzie's mom made it hard to get her for his scheduled visits.

Since Lisa took her to Austin-Kenzie's mom no longer takes advantage of the free day care that we have been providing since birth. (40 to 50 hours a week). She enrolled her in the first day care that she could find. No input from the father. Really just a spiteful thing.

So Monday at 1 pm ------Family Court. We are not trying to gain custody of Mackenzie , just trying to establish some Grand Parental rights. Wish us luck!!!!

I just wish it was against the Law to use a child as a tool of vengeance.

As usual we have always tried to take the high road at every fork. But now I do believe that my wife and son are fed up with it all. I , too , am tired of watching what I do , say , and feel around

Kenzie's mom and her family.

I think from now on we will act as we probably should have all along , in the child's best interest.

Even if it means that we will be enemy's with that family. The Emerson name is her surname and that is indisputable. And we have a history of looking after our own. So we have shed the kid gloves and donned the 4 oz boxing gloves.

Round 1 ----Monday 1 pm

P.s. check out this cute girl----she sure was happy to see us. (her mom's lawyer advised her not to keep her from us this weekend.) Thank God she listens to someone.
thanks for your time
Scott e

Monday, March 31, 2008

The Problem with an above average rainfall!!!!!

4 huge fires in 3 weeks. The rain we had last year is now wreaking havoc in Howard County!!!

Due to the thickness of the prairie grasses combined with the high winds----any spark can mean disaster. If you ever wondered where your federal tax dollars go , then look at these pictures . The Forestry Service is a wonder to behold. 3 different helicopters with suction pump on board --these things are too cool. Without them all of our fires would have done much more damage.

The Oilfield has been out in full force also.....During the busiest time in history, these men and women work tirelessly and without much thanks either. Here are a few of the companies and folks that I personally saw busting their ass!!!

BASIC - These guys are everywhere , everytime!

CAT CONSTRUCTION-I know Blissard, and his equipment is there, cutting through the undergrowth, RIGHT IN THE FIRE.

KEY ENERGY-Truck after Truck after Truck !!!

L.G. NIX CONSTRUCTION -These guys are all so courteous and just never quit!!!!

S & S CONSTRUCTION-- Local boys with great big hearts!!!

Sunset-I don't even know what these guys do --but they could be firefighters if the oilfield doesn't need them!!! I just don't think that is gonna happen!!!

And I know that I have missed dozens of folks that helped me save not 1 but 2 different pieces of property that my family owns. Guys if I can ever help you in any way---Just call!! I owe you all!!!

I pray for your safe return to your family!!!! Cause I just got HOME to mine.



Saturday, March 22, 2008

Day of reckoning

Okay, Even with co-workers and customers calling all during our outing----Janie beat me by 2 or 3 points. At least I did get 1 perfect run and my shooting has improved enough to hold my head up when I shoot with co-workers and customers.
I am looking for any excuse to practice so if anyone out in blogger land works for an oil company and likes to shoot sporting clays.............I'm treating. Call me and you won't have to pay to shoot and I will furnish the shells. Lets go !!!!!!
Of course you will have to listen to why you should be using fiberod sucker rods instead of steel, but Its a short lecture.
thanks for your time,

Thursday, March 20, 2008




Yeah , well ---- if you have ever seen her shoot ---you know that I''ve got a knack for idle threats!!!! Really I love this sport and no doubt the breaking clays never ask your gender!! I have put off trying it for years because of Janie's skill with a skattergun.

Ya'll wish me luck---maybe if you all pray ---I won't embarrass myself or Janie!!!!

Post our results tomorrow!!!

thanks for your time


Friday, March 7, 2008

Texas Tech AADE shoot

Called Janie this morning at just the right time, she was fixin to shoot a sporting clay event and her team had 1 opening. So I grabbed my gear and off to WindWalker. Caught up on the 3rd station and began to freeze my butt off.
Janie may say that I might of beat her if I had started at the first station, but she isn't taking into account that on every station -===she met an old friend, talked to a customer, took a phone call, smoozed with a opportunity, and just shot as an afterthought!!!
One of these days maybe......maybe.......I can be like her!!! I'm not talking about the shooting , I am talking about the other! She truly is a celebrity in the Oil Patch (not just the Permian Basin),
I saw a lot of good people, ate a lot of good food, got a sore shoulder, got to be with Janie, and got paid to do it!!!!
Someone remind me how hard this job is!!!!!!
Thanks again Janie,


Tuesday, March 4, 2008


What a day!!! Up at 6 am and youngest off to school. Then off to the West to Midland to call on customers. First rattle out of the box, I go to refill the caffeine canister (BIG coffee cup) and slosh coffee down the front of my shirt. Luckily I am wearing a pastel green shirt that is made of some synthetic fiber that absorbs coffee as readily as dye!!!
So now I sit at my desk to answer emails (really blog browsing) and the phone rings, a second later my intercom buzzes and our Adm. asst. asks me who to direct a call towards. She tells me that this is a customer who wants to talk to our sales manager--ABOUT A SALESMAN!!!!!
So I tell her to get his name , digits, and company name and we will have the boss call him.
Who's customer--...................................................MINE!!!!!!! Tense 15 minutes and the boss calls me to let me off the hook, the call was about a friend of his who applied to our company.
Back to phone calls and emails , trying to set up lunches & appointments for next week, just trying to make work until my lunch appointment at 11.30 am. No luck --all my contacts were busy next week or already spring breakin'!! Ahhhhhh so goes my day!!!
Finally 11 am and I set out to meet our NEW client at Springcreek in Midland. I get there early to get everything arranged (learned that from Janie Sue) and at 11 25 am my date arrives. I introduce myself and we start to get acquainted . 11.34 am my guy's phone rings and it is his wife - their son has been in a car accident in Dallas (home)- while he is fine both he and his mother are shook up and my man begs off until a later date. I follow him to the car rental establishment and then taxi him over to his plane. (Private-he is the pilot) . It is now 11.54 and my day is not half done!!!
Now I am hungry , its way to late to get another customer for lunch, and even my fellow workers are already mid-meal. Well heck - I need to go to Sam's for my better half anyway.
Off to Sam's club-- No parking up close --but I drive a brand new crew cab 1 ton 4x4 anyway.
It is a lot easier to park way way out in the lot and walk--I really don't mind the walk and that way no runaway carts loaded with cokes and 1 gallon cans of corn can get away from some 102 lb woman and run into my new truck.
12.19 pm , The loudspeaker crackles and the lady says " Would the owner of the Fiberod truck in the Parking lot , please come to the front of the store!!!" SSSHHHHHIIIIIIIIIT!!!
12.45 pm Finally get out of Sam's Club parking lot. After meeting a very nice gentleman who neglected to set his brake or put his standard Ford F-150 into gear. Yep it was only a 1\2 ton but on the front of it was a cow-catcher brush guard that any F-350 would have proudly worn.
His insurance (State Farm thank you) has assured me that my vehicle will be put back good as new as soon as an adjuster calls me.
I think I should be verrry verrrry careful on the trip east to Big Spring. Lets see anything important that I need to do today ................Something verrry important..........................
Oh yeah! I've got to go VOTE!!!!!!!!! Yeah! That is something I could really screw up!!
My whole industry is keyed into this election !!! Oh well Wish Me Luck!!!!!
thanks for your time,

Friday, February 29, 2008


This morning at 6 am , my wife and I left headed south. She had an appointment for surgery on her foot in Marble Falls TX. When she woke her eye was bothering her , and she washed it out . Now we are off to see the Wizard.

Once we got on our way it became apparent that this was more than an irritated eye. So as soon as the hour became reasonable , She started calling her local M.D. Sorry office closed till Monday! HERE IS WHERE THE MISTAKE IS MADE!!!!! The smart choice seemed to be to call the podiatrist and ask him to take care of getting some eye drops for her eye , and so she did. He said they would take care of it when she got there since we were just minutes away.

Neither of us expected the surgery center to refuse to do the foot surgery because of this eye infection. So--------------repeat in 2 weeks.

She has asked me on numerous occasions to amputate ---but I refuse. This normally active woman has been out of sorts with a foot problem or another for over 2 years. I have seen her handle pain over these last 20 + years and this is the first time I have seen her surrender to her pain. She usually just works through it and goes on. It is very frustrating not to be able to help any more than just kind words and prayers.

At least this doctor ( a kid -- 2 years out of school) found the problem . A microscopic bone sliver stuck into a nerve. Found it by testing in 2 mm sections instead of 4mm. Amazing!!!
Minor surgery to remove it-----but for an eye infection!!!

So the saga continues and I will update Ya ll when we RIDE SOUTH FOR BLOOD-REDUX

thanks for your time
Scott e

Monday, February 25, 2008


I just have to tell you about a great deal I made this week. I sell things for other people, besides being a fiberglass suckerod salesman-I am also an auctioneer.

I sold 2 huge A\C units to a guy in Georgia. He sent a truck because I sell this big stuff as is - where is. We met a crane and the truck Saturday at 1 pm. Well almost -----crane is late.

2 pm and here is the crane---I be the swamper. Loaded and Rolling off to...........................................

Big Spring ----where the truck driver stops at the local TA truck stop and weighs the load............................. OVERWEIGHT BY 8000 LBS.
Saturday evening and now We need to unload 10,000 lbs of a\c equip off of this truck.
And because of the way that I loaded this truck , It is gonna take a crane to get the 10,000 lb switch off of this truck. I cradled the big units around this one and it must be lifted straight up.
No fork lift will do .
Oh did I forget to mention that due to the refinery blast earlier this week there is not a single crane or cherry picker available ----they are at the refinery.
Sunday morn..............................................more of the same. 1 p m Auction truck still overloaded.
Monday morn................Dispatcher calls ----truck need to go to Houston by Wed. They want to unload and reload on another truck.................................and after 2 hours of phone time to the buyer\shipper, trucker, broker, truck owner, crane operator, crane owner get the truck back to Big Spring(Dispatcher had sent him to Midland ????)...........................................Unloaded right?
Nope........................Wind too high! Gusts to 60mph!! We will wait to sundown--maybe the wind will die down. ...................................................................................................................................................................................more tomorrow.
thanks for YOUR time,
Scott e

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dodging A Pretty Big Bullet!!!!!

Wow! Talk about the work of the Lord! We witnessed it in Big Spring , Tx yesterday. Alon(Fina, Total, Cosden) Refinery exploded at 8 am. If it had not been President's Day ( I know eerie isn't it) there would have been many more people injured. My mom's old office took a very big hit. Shrapnal and glass plus the actual concussion did a number on that building.

Thank God , there were only 5 injuries, and none of them are life threatening. Paul Berringer has 2nd Degree burns and at this posting is in Lubbock in Satifactory Condition. 2 others were treated for ear drum ruptures, and 1 for a concussion. 1 lady driving on I 20 was injured by the blast , also treated and released. There is alot to be said for the quick actions of employees of Alon, and every entity in Howard County and surrounding communities. WE ARE TRULY BLESSED.

But out of this tragedy comes an action which I find deplorable----The Big Spring Herald came out yesterday afternoon with a special free edition of the paper. This edition contained articles and pictures of the explosion along with a single half page ad. You Guessed It!

An Out of Town Attorney

Field of Expertise--wrongful death and injury!!! Oil Field Accidents!

Luckily this scum wasted his money----this time!!!

Shame on the Big Spring Herald for even publishing this under the pretense of being Free!
It wasn't free for the attorney at least--hahahahahahaaha
It wasn't as cheap for the paper either---I forsee a mass non renewal of this paper in the near future. Lost me as an advertiser also----maybe some out of town auctioneer will advertise in place of me.

I do PRAISE THE LORD that no one was killed or more seriously injured in this accident!
thanks for your time
Scott e

Friday, February 8, 2008

Bumped Out of Bad Boy Blast

Yep, thats right. I got bumped out of the sporting clay event of the year. Oh well , It is the boss of my company. If he can't shoot for some reason then I'm back in. I really can't complain , he did give me an Iphone yesterday. I think I may be able to throw this laptop away now.
Anyone need a shooter to fill out a team. I will pay my own way.
thanks for your time

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

One Lucky Man

My co-worker won a new 2008 Ford F-150 tonight. He called me to let me know that he would be late to a meeting that we have scheduled tomorrow morning. You might be lucky enough to know this guy, Raymond Swafford, but as far as I am concerned - the right guy won this deal.

This was one of those purchases, solicited by a customer, that was a kid's school fundraiser. We have all bought a bunch of things from kids fundraisers. I think this is a better deal than wrapping paper or chocolates. Props to the Stanton School District and White Motor co in Stanton.

Raymond--You deserved that!!!

Thanks for your time
Scott e

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Yeehaw its sporting clay time again

We went to Jake"s in Midland last Monday and shot 5 station sporting clay. I had a blast. It was my first time there and the place is set up great. Props to whomever planned that place out.
It was also my first time to shoot with my new Winchester OU. Wow what an improvement!
I don't think I will embarrass my sister out at Wind walker this year.
Which reminds me ---- I got my invite to the BIG Shoot on April 18,19 At WindWalker .
Fiberod will be a sponsor and I will get to shoot with some customers. I can't wait though, and I will be looking for any customer who wants to practice, before then.
Hope my old shoulder holds up- but the new gun will help there too.

Other news-- Mackenzie is growing up fast. So far So good on the relationship with her mom.

Oil Field- Fiberod has signed a letter of intent to sell. We are now going though the process-Wish the auditors luck.
We have also been fortunate in the fact that all Fiberod techs, salesmen, and assistants will now be enrolled in the same class that PENTA in Canada requires of all its Petroleum Engineers, and Production Superintendents. An overview of Artificial Lift, and a complete a complete rod design and troubleshooting course, this includes a textbook that will be invaluable for years . ^Thanks to RR and the powers that be for this opportunity. All them Fiberod Boys will be more informed and certainly more desirable (at least to you guys that keep trying to hire us all)

I am really Stoked about this and will be happy to be a student of Professor Fred Morrow. He has been instructing in Canada and the U.S for years. Many of you in the Permian Basin have either been students, recipients, or customers of Fred's though out the years. But did you know he has numerous patents and published papers that have helped revolutionize (counter-clockwise is you will, since he is an Aggie) the oilfield.

anyways , thanks for your time
Scott e

Sunday, January 13, 2008

chock another one up to WAL-MART

Well, it is done. We just had Dibrell's Sporting Goods "Out of Business" Auction. This place had been in business in Big Spring for over 50 years. Granted still not with the original owner , but it had never closed its doors.

This is one that you really can mark up to wally-wally land. Guns are cheaper when you can get a trainload fronted to you. They had been struggling for 5 years or so and finally said "calf rope".

When are we all gonna wake up?? Have you ever been to a small town without Wal-mart?

Credos to Alpine, Tx. -- They told the bigstore to look elsewhere and all of their stores and downtown seems to still be doing great. I truly wish that our city officials had done the same.

Next we will build a loop around Big Spring to the west. Port to Plains. Another opportunity to tell Walmart to go away, because they will want to move to the New part of town. Hope someone around here grows a brain. Then tells them to move on. I personally would rather have American made electronics that cost more, but are repaired instead of replaced.
Next on Wal-marts list---small liquor stores.
25 years ago Pinky aka "pinky's liquor stores" got a law (sunset) passed that states any hard liquor will be sold by a business that is 51% Texas owned. Wal-mart has spent over a cool $million trying to repeal this law. This session they are gonna hit it hard again. If you have any pull with your state rep or senator --let him know if you are against this repeal effort.
Or we can just watch one more genre of Texas businessmen and women take it up ass (without any reach around) !!!
That's my opinion --sound off with yours--double dog dare ya/

thanks for your time