Monday, March 31, 2008

The Problem with an above average rainfall!!!!!

4 huge fires in 3 weeks. The rain we had last year is now wreaking havoc in Howard County!!!

Due to the thickness of the prairie grasses combined with the high winds----any spark can mean disaster. If you ever wondered where your federal tax dollars go , then look at these pictures . The Forestry Service is a wonder to behold. 3 different helicopters with suction pump on board --these things are too cool. Without them all of our fires would have done much more damage.

The Oilfield has been out in full force also.....During the busiest time in history, these men and women work tirelessly and without much thanks either. Here are a few of the companies and folks that I personally saw busting their ass!!!

BASIC - These guys are everywhere , everytime!

CAT CONSTRUCTION-I know Blissard, and his equipment is there, cutting through the undergrowth, RIGHT IN THE FIRE.

KEY ENERGY-Truck after Truck after Truck !!!

L.G. NIX CONSTRUCTION -These guys are all so courteous and just never quit!!!!

S & S CONSTRUCTION-- Local boys with great big hearts!!!

Sunset-I don't even know what these guys do --but they could be firefighters if the oilfield doesn't need them!!! I just don't think that is gonna happen!!!

And I know that I have missed dozens of folks that helped me save not 1 but 2 different pieces of property that my family owns. Guys if I can ever help you in any way---Just call!! I owe you all!!!

I pray for your safe return to your family!!!! Cause I just got HOME to mine.



Saturday, March 22, 2008

Day of reckoning

Okay, Even with co-workers and customers calling all during our outing----Janie beat me by 2 or 3 points. At least I did get 1 perfect run and my shooting has improved enough to hold my head up when I shoot with co-workers and customers.
I am looking for any excuse to practice so if anyone out in blogger land works for an oil company and likes to shoot sporting clays.............I'm treating. Call me and you won't have to pay to shoot and I will furnish the shells. Lets go !!!!!!
Of course you will have to listen to why you should be using fiberod sucker rods instead of steel, but Its a short lecture.
thanks for your time,

Thursday, March 20, 2008




Yeah , well ---- if you have ever seen her shoot ---you know that I''ve got a knack for idle threats!!!! Really I love this sport and no doubt the breaking clays never ask your gender!! I have put off trying it for years because of Janie's skill with a skattergun.

Ya'll wish me luck---maybe if you all pray ---I won't embarrass myself or Janie!!!!

Post our results tomorrow!!!

thanks for your time


Friday, March 7, 2008

Texas Tech AADE shoot

Called Janie this morning at just the right time, she was fixin to shoot a sporting clay event and her team had 1 opening. So I grabbed my gear and off to WindWalker. Caught up on the 3rd station and began to freeze my butt off.
Janie may say that I might of beat her if I had started at the first station, but she isn't taking into account that on every station -===she met an old friend, talked to a customer, took a phone call, smoozed with a opportunity, and just shot as an afterthought!!!
One of these days maybe......maybe.......I can be like her!!! I'm not talking about the shooting , I am talking about the other! She truly is a celebrity in the Oil Patch (not just the Permian Basin),
I saw a lot of good people, ate a lot of good food, got a sore shoulder, got to be with Janie, and got paid to do it!!!!
Someone remind me how hard this job is!!!!!!
Thanks again Janie,


Tuesday, March 4, 2008


What a day!!! Up at 6 am and youngest off to school. Then off to the West to Midland to call on customers. First rattle out of the box, I go to refill the caffeine canister (BIG coffee cup) and slosh coffee down the front of my shirt. Luckily I am wearing a pastel green shirt that is made of some synthetic fiber that absorbs coffee as readily as dye!!!
So now I sit at my desk to answer emails (really blog browsing) and the phone rings, a second later my intercom buzzes and our Adm. asst. asks me who to direct a call towards. She tells me that this is a customer who wants to talk to our sales manager--ABOUT A SALESMAN!!!!!
So I tell her to get his name , digits, and company name and we will have the boss call him.
Who's customer--...................................................MINE!!!!!!! Tense 15 minutes and the boss calls me to let me off the hook, the call was about a friend of his who applied to our company.
Back to phone calls and emails , trying to set up lunches & appointments for next week, just trying to make work until my lunch appointment at 11.30 am. No luck --all my contacts were busy next week or already spring breakin'!! Ahhhhhh so goes my day!!!
Finally 11 am and I set out to meet our NEW client at Springcreek in Midland. I get there early to get everything arranged (learned that from Janie Sue) and at 11 25 am my date arrives. I introduce myself and we start to get acquainted . 11.34 am my guy's phone rings and it is his wife - their son has been in a car accident in Dallas (home)- while he is fine both he and his mother are shook up and my man begs off until a later date. I follow him to the car rental establishment and then taxi him over to his plane. (Private-he is the pilot) . It is now 11.54 and my day is not half done!!!
Now I am hungry , its way to late to get another customer for lunch, and even my fellow workers are already mid-meal. Well heck - I need to go to Sam's for my better half anyway.
Off to Sam's club-- No parking up close --but I drive a brand new crew cab 1 ton 4x4 anyway.
It is a lot easier to park way way out in the lot and walk--I really don't mind the walk and that way no runaway carts loaded with cokes and 1 gallon cans of corn can get away from some 102 lb woman and run into my new truck.
12.19 pm , The loudspeaker crackles and the lady says " Would the owner of the Fiberod truck in the Parking lot , please come to the front of the store!!!" SSSHHHHHIIIIIIIIIT!!!
12.45 pm Finally get out of Sam's Club parking lot. After meeting a very nice gentleman who neglected to set his brake or put his standard Ford F-150 into gear. Yep it was only a 1\2 ton but on the front of it was a cow-catcher brush guard that any F-350 would have proudly worn.
His insurance (State Farm thank you) has assured me that my vehicle will be put back good as new as soon as an adjuster calls me.
I think I should be verrry verrrry careful on the trip east to Big Spring. Lets see anything important that I need to do today ................Something verrry important..........................
Oh yeah! I've got to go VOTE!!!!!!!!! Yeah! That is something I could really screw up!!
My whole industry is keyed into this election !!! Oh well Wish Me Luck!!!!!
thanks for your time,