Monday, July 21, 2008

08 chevy recall

About 2 months ago I recieved a recall notice for my Chevy Pickup. I called the local chevy house and talked to Service. When he asked for my mileage , He was shocked! 38,795!!! How long have you had your truck? 8 months. Wow!
Well I don't think you will need the computer reset as in the recall. We have had some problems with the computers in these trucks , but it is way before 12,000 miles usually.
It may reduce your fuel mileage to get the reset , So I would just keep driving it.

No problem, I don't have to leave my pickup! I am down with that . Fast Forward to Sunday evening last. After mowing the yard , hauling off the trash, dropping a trailer, and stopping at my store(Goldrush Discount Tobacco) (blatant plug) my truck would not start.

It was so weird, everything worked perfectly but when you turn the key----NADA. ZIP!
So I pop the hood and take a look---everything looks new! The batteries are both clean and tight at the connections. I have power to everything! My batteries voltage meter shows full power. Its like a security thing!!!!!
I look at my dash and I notice a light that I have never noticed before. It is a picture of a car with a padlock through it. AND THE LOCK IS LOCKED!!!
So I call the company mechanic and he is just down the street. He looks it over and says ............
"Don't you have ONESTAR?" I said yeah (very sheepishly) and pushed the blue button.

Onestar: This is Melody with Onestar. Hello Mr. Emerson how may I help you?
Me: Help! My pickup won't start and I want it to start!
Melody from ONESTAR: Well, Mr. E it looks like your security system has locked!
Me: Uhhhh okay What now?
Mel-Onestar: Well, you can lock your vehicle using your key , not your remote. Wait about an hour and then open your door with your key, not your remote. Do you have another key?
Me: Yep
MelStar: Okay, give that a try . And if that doesn't work- you will need to contact your local dealer about that recall notice that we sent you a couple of months ago.
Me: Huh?
MStar: Yes Sir, We sent you a recall notice and you ignored it. So this is what you get!!
Next time we send you a notice you had better - get it looked at that day!!
Me: So tell me about the wait an hour and see if it starts???
Mstr: Yeah my shift will be over by then and someother a-hole will be here to handle you!
Me: OoooohKaaaaay
Msr: Have a good day and thanks for using Onestar.

(The above conversation is true! Melody was very polite and never said anything I quoted above. But the gist of the conversation is caught in the above previously discredited conversation)

The pickup was towed to the local dealership this morning, They gave me a loaner. There are advantages to living in a small town. Called me and I picked it up at 5 pm. Said sorry , but it was that recall that I told you not to get. My Bad!!!

So me and Moby are back together and I breathe a sigh of relief , everytime I turn the key and my Duramax purrs to a start. 41,045 and still going. I sure hope it lasts 2 more years--I THINK ALL THE MAINTAINER OPERATORS HAVE GONE ON TO OTHER PURSUITS!!!
I have not been on a decently graded oilfield road in 3 months.
Thanks for your time

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