Sunday, May 24, 2009

One Down--2 to Go!!!

Our eldest son graduated this weekend. From the University of Texas, no less! With Honors!!!!

We are so proud.........and he seems relieved. From the bad joke( " I don't remember filling out the paperwork to graduate") to the final hug goodbye, it was a memorable stay in Austin.

We ate at Juan in a Million for Brunch , Saturday, and met Tony's roommates there for a last meal together. Charlie will go on to be rich and famous in Film, and Chaz will rake up in Washington DC. While my son will write the copy of the Advertisements that both will need.

I really can't believe all of them made it in 4 years, I figured one or the other of them would fall by the wayside.

I am proud of my son and all of his accomplishments! Love you Tony!!!!!

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Chris Burnett said...

Congrats to Tony!!!! graduating is quite an accomplishment... Now he can support the old man in his retirement :-)