Sunday, September 9, 2007

OMG they consider them dress clothes

Today , I asked Kasey (one of my young employees) if he could handle helping the carpenter move some showcases tomorrow. He asked me if he should wear work clothes?? Naw, not to move some humidors on wheels- I replied. Then it hit me!!
This kid is 22 years old and wears clothes that i would not wear to a drilling rig( sorry i'm an old roughneck) . They are torn at the knee and thigh, purposely faded in almost a tie dye fashion. His "dress" shirt usually is a rock band t-shirt. SHOULD HE WEAR WORK CLOTHES????? I THOUGHT THEY WERE????

Oh well my dad thought I dressed like a bum when I was a kid- I guess I should be more open minded. But I really thought I was???
thanks for your time
Scott E

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