Sunday, September 30, 2007

Its over and I am tired!!!!!

Okay , its over (Lea Whitehead auction) and yepper I'm worn out.
I think I will take tomorrow off and just sleep. No , I won't , but it feels good to think that I will.

My family and crew did a bang up job, and we got it done. Ran a little over $30,000. Woohoo!!! I wish all my auctions had the items that this auction consisted of. All of the important pieces did well , and a few people got some bargains.

I guess its all in how you look at it. We only get a certain percentage, and its lower when all the items are magnificent, like today. But is it worth it?

Last nite about 1 am , I finished setting up the auction and stopped by the Mac-sters to unwind a little. Within 3 minutes of getting to his house- I had a spasm on the left side of my head. Then my left arm started twitching and my whole left side went numb. My arm and face are still tingling today. Is it too much ?? I guess so.

So I am thinking of getting out- always before when I would overwork myself, the next auction would change my mind. You see about 2 years ago , I decided the reason I couldn't make any money at auctions was the size of my facility. So I went and leased a 36,ooo sq ft building. Remodeled it , spent a bunch of money, and opened it up. While my auctions doubled in attendance from my old spot, the money still is not enough to be profitable. So today marks the beginning of the end for me.

I will be holding probably 3 more auctions- just to clean out the building, and my storages. Then I will be looking for someone who needs a big assed building for some reason or another. Do you know someone who wants to open a grocery store, dance hall, casino or just needs a lot of storage??????

I will still fulfill all of my contracts with government entities, and try to hold an equipment or rolling stock auction every month or so. But as far as I'm concerned this deal is done. My health is more important than my pride, and pride is the only reason I have stayed after it this long.

My oilfield sales job is a lot more fun, less stressful, and more profitable.
False pride loses out to common sense after all.

thanks for your time,
Scott e

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