Tuesday, November 27, 2007

LIFE IS HARD-and all lessons ain't easy

First , sorry about not posting much anymore. It gets harder and harder to find the time. If you are still coming by to read these ramblings, I truly appreciate it.

This is really just a therapeutic attempt to work through this deal. If you want to offer suggestions, prayers, or solutions please jump right in.

Fourteen months ago my granddaughter was born and my life was turned upside down. With pink bows and ribbons.

The parents of this lovely child were but children themselves and the rest was probably destined to follow.
They are not a couple at all, but they do have a custody agreement.
We , as grandparents, provide daycare in our home to our lovely granddaughter and love doing it. (Although--sometimes) She has stayed overnight with us many time since she was weeks old. My wife loves it very much. (Me too)
Here is the Poop (pun intended)
Anytime my son comes home (he is at U.T.-junior year) , it becomes an issue. This thanksgiving I think it came to a point from which there may be no return.
So now the mom may not let my wife babysit anymore. She is thinking about daycare instead, at the price of $100. plus a week. Why? Because my wife bathes her. SERIOUSLY!!! Oh , and she cries sometimes to stay with us , when her mom comes to get her. Plus , once my wife suggested a doctors visit because she felt our granddaughter wasn't feeling up to snuff.
So , We must deal with an immature mother.
How? Go back to court? Letter from our attorney? Visit with Guido in the alley??
At what point do we quit cow towing and fight?? At what cost? A relationship that even more strained ?? Less time with baby?? Animosity for years?
Is it best to just blend and fluctuate to make the path travelled smoother?
Or stop it now before we allow a monster to be created?
THE ONE TRUE THING IS OUR LOVE OF THIS CHILD!!! We will suffer in silence , or fight to the finish. We must first decide what is best for the baby.
Thanks for you time

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Janie said...

Dude. That sucks. I'll be praying.