Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dodging A Pretty Big Bullet!!!!!

Wow! Talk about the work of the Lord! We witnessed it in Big Spring , Tx yesterday. Alon(Fina, Total, Cosden) Refinery exploded at 8 am. If it had not been President's Day ( I know eerie isn't it) there would have been many more people injured. My mom's old office took a very big hit. Shrapnal and glass plus the actual concussion did a number on that building.

Thank God , there were only 5 injuries, and none of them are life threatening. Paul Berringer has 2nd Degree burns and at this posting is in Lubbock in Satifactory Condition. 2 others were treated for ear drum ruptures, and 1 for a concussion. 1 lady driving on I 20 was injured by the blast , also treated and released. There is alot to be said for the quick actions of employees of Alon, and every entity in Howard County and surrounding communities. WE ARE TRULY BLESSED.

But out of this tragedy comes an action which I find deplorable----The Big Spring Herald came out yesterday afternoon with a special free edition of the paper. This edition contained articles and pictures of the explosion along with a single half page ad. You Guessed It!

An Out of Town Attorney

Field of Expertise--wrongful death and injury!!! Oil Field Accidents!

Luckily this scum wasted his money----this time!!!

Shame on the Big Spring Herald for even publishing this under the pretense of being Free!
It wasn't free for the attorney at least--hahahahahahaaha
It wasn't as cheap for the paper either---I forsee a mass non renewal of this paper in the near future. Lost me as an advertiser also----maybe some out of town auctioneer will advertise in place of me.

I do PRAISE THE LORD that no one was killed or more seriously injured in this accident!
thanks for your time
Scott e


Janie said...

That is stupid on the part of the paper. How thoughtless.


scotte said...

i ditto that