Sunday, April 6, 2008


Due to a power play by her mom, We have not seen Miss Mackenzie for 2 weeks. Mom got mad cause we took her to Austin to see her dad, #1son, for the weekend. Since birth if #1 brought home his NEW significant other, then Kenzie's mom made it hard to get her for his scheduled visits.

Since Lisa took her to Austin-Kenzie's mom no longer takes advantage of the free day care that we have been providing since birth. (40 to 50 hours a week). She enrolled her in the first day care that she could find. No input from the father. Really just a spiteful thing.

So Monday at 1 pm ------Family Court. We are not trying to gain custody of Mackenzie , just trying to establish some Grand Parental rights. Wish us luck!!!!

I just wish it was against the Law to use a child as a tool of vengeance.

As usual we have always tried to take the high road at every fork. But now I do believe that my wife and son are fed up with it all. I , too , am tired of watching what I do , say , and feel around

Kenzie's mom and her family.

I think from now on we will act as we probably should have all along , in the child's best interest.

Even if it means that we will be enemy's with that family. The Emerson name is her surname and that is indisputable. And we have a history of looking after our own. So we have shed the kid gloves and donned the 4 oz boxing gloves.

Round 1 ----Monday 1 pm

P.s. check out this cute girl----she sure was happy to see us. (her mom's lawyer advised her not to keep her from us this weekend.) Thank God she listens to someone.
thanks for your time
Scott e


Snooty Primadona said...

Divorce totally sucks when there are kids involved. It's really heart wrenching to see young mothers doing this kind of thing. Because like it or not, they are going to have a relationship with the ex... because they have children together. I'll never understand why that's so hard for divorcing couples who had children, to figure out.

Things are ever so much happier & nicer for everyone when the divorcing parents keep things civil. I guess they don't care if they hurt their children, as long as they can derive some sort of revenge out of it. Truly sick.

I was one of those kids whose mother got custody and whenever she felt like it, she kept us from our Dad. Which was most of the time.

If she had ever just let us get to know our Dad, we would have eventually seen him for the poor dear fool that he was. She never allowed us that opportunity, which shows how vengeful she really was.

Thirty or so years later, she made amends with him and I was like WTF? After you screwed my brother & me out of our relationships with him? And I'm supposed to be happy about this? LOL!

Sometimes men & women are just stark raving insane when it comes to marriage & relationships. Plain & simple.

By the way, thanks for posting on my blog. Now, do you understand why I was sent to Catholic boarding school (um... we're not Catholic) instead of Hockaday? My mother just wanted to make sure that wherever I was, I was NOT HAVING FUN. That was her main objective in life for many years.

I'm sorry that you have inadvertantly lost your priviledges with that adorable baby. Maybe you need to find the mother a boyfriend or boy-toy or something so she'll be nicer, lol. I'm just sayin'...

GymBrat said...

wow Scott! of all days to come across this post! (I was fortunate enough to have worked with your sister at Hal and I think we've actually met before!)- but anyhow, my husband and I are basically going through the same rotten stuff with HIS daughter- and we haven't been 'allowed' to see her in nearly a YEAR by the hands of her own mother. And today- when I attempted to reach out AGAIN after multiple other failed attempts- I got shot down by her AGAIN. I don't understand her. I'm not really sure who does! But anyway- I know how tough it can be and I truly sympathize with you!