Monday, March 31, 2008

The Problem with an above average rainfall!!!!!

4 huge fires in 3 weeks. The rain we had last year is now wreaking havoc in Howard County!!!

Due to the thickness of the prairie grasses combined with the high winds----any spark can mean disaster. If you ever wondered where your federal tax dollars go , then look at these pictures . The Forestry Service is a wonder to behold. 3 different helicopters with suction pump on board --these things are too cool. Without them all of our fires would have done much more damage.

The Oilfield has been out in full force also.....During the busiest time in history, these men and women work tirelessly and without much thanks either. Here are a few of the companies and folks that I personally saw busting their ass!!!

BASIC - These guys are everywhere , everytime!

CAT CONSTRUCTION-I know Blissard, and his equipment is there, cutting through the undergrowth, RIGHT IN THE FIRE.

KEY ENERGY-Truck after Truck after Truck !!!

L.G. NIX CONSTRUCTION -These guys are all so courteous and just never quit!!!!

S & S CONSTRUCTION-- Local boys with great big hearts!!!

Sunset-I don't even know what these guys do --but they could be firefighters if the oilfield doesn't need them!!! I just don't think that is gonna happen!!!

And I know that I have missed dozens of folks that helped me save not 1 but 2 different pieces of property that my family owns. Guys if I can ever help you in any way---Just call!! I owe you all!!!

I pray for your safe return to your family!!!! Cause I just got HOME to mine.



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