Sunday, November 23, 2008

OKAY , #1 son -You were right about that.

When #1 and #2 sons told me they would both vote for Obama , I tried to talk them out of it. At that time they said something that made more sense than anything else I have heard. See if you agree!

#1 - Dad, I would vote Republican but for one thing. I feel that if we had spent $10 billion a month on border security and on alternative fuels, we would already have a solution for the energy crisis. Border security would help with terrorists-Who would number a lot less if we had never invaded Iraq. We have effectively forced countries to unite against us that have been at war for centuries.

Now I have friends with children in this war, and I support them. All of them!! I hope that they do their duty and get home safe. But I can't help but think , I would rather them all be home. NOW!
Son , I hope that our new President can get us out of this war--maybe if he does--it won't be another Vietnam. Obama -make Iraq use their own money and young men to fight this war.
They have billions in surplus-use it. Get our boys and girls home! We will use the military as border security-and put the money to use on that car that runs on air. or water. or helium. or better yet sand---that way we can still import it from the middle east. Shipping won't suffer!
Thanks for your time,


Janie said...

Sweet. Seriously.

scotte said...

I know maybe we old farts have a chance after all. This next generation does show some wisdom random or not.