Sunday, November 23, 2008


Okay -lets preface this post by bringing you all up to speed. The company I work for in the Permian Basin has been purchased by a huge foreign company---The Jones. Now the Jones have not ever been in West Texas or even the oilfield per say.
The VP of our company has been named VP of the new company-so he is in effect our old boss' new boss. He and I had a discussion about some of the changes coming down the pike as of this buyout. This was last Thursday!! He then left for Romania with his new boss for a week.

Tuesday, I get an email from him asking for my concerns in writing-survey form--top 5 concerns. I am thinking -Wow -this guy really is good with a puter for an old man. This is a top notch form survey he has forwarded me. Signed with his name and even has a picture of him.
Should have been my first warning.

I missed it. I shamelessly continued where our meeting last week had left off........pulled no punches........explained how the new company had already dropped the for a couple more bottom line figure for staying with the new my hopes and dreams for the future.........and a little constructive criticism for our new sister company ICD. Then spell checked it all and pushed SEND.....

As soon as it finished sending a return receipt from corporate hit my box. OH SHAT SHAT SHAT. Corporate???? Why was this from VP then? Oh shat , I need to get my resume up to date!!! This is gonna stink a little.

Thursday Morning --I get an email from VP's boss - The President of Our New Company--He curtly thanked me for my input. Informed me that he was in Romania-but would contact me personally when he returned to the States. Okay........resume is now up to date......reason for leaving last employer-----------Hair trigger Send Button!!!

Sunday -check email-There it is --VP's response to my email.
He starts by informing me that both he and his boss read my TOP FIVE REASONS FOR CHANGING CAREERS the day that I sent it. It was one of the first emails they got in Romania.
He thanked me and told me that I was the only respondent at our company...(Shat-am I the only dumbedass country boy or what) and that my concerns were shared by both he and his boss. He explained that both he and the prez request my presence in Chicago Illinois the week after Thanksgiving.
Shat! Better than I hoped! Shat!! Or is it??? Shat!!! Shat!!! Oh well, I was looking for a job when I found this one----only the price of oil was at $50 going up when I hired on and now it is $50 on the down slide side.
Sis---I may be looking , but I will know more when VP gets back. He is fairly easy to read. I hope.
Thanks for your time


Janie said...

Dang, dude. You forgot to vet that through big sister.

Don't worry, the Father watches over you. And you're a wise man.

Did they really say top 5 reasons for career changes?

Please forward me the e-mails.

I love you. And LIFE as we know it is an ADVENTURE.

scotte said...

no , they did not say that , that was my take.

Janie said...