Thursday, January 8, 2009

Wow - Now how did I miss this part of Texas!

I had to go to Uvalde Texas yesterday. I don't remember ever going that way before and I thought it was breathtaking. Followed 83 thru Junction to Leakey (pronounced Lakey) and was just amazed at the landscape. This could surely be construed as God's Country. Rivers, Springs, Wet weather creeks, and trees galore.

Leakey is like going through a time warp to me. Every thing is just as slow and unhurried as possible. Every one in town is on Valium. This is one laid back town pop 345. HEB Ranch (yep , the grocery store) is in the most beautiful canyon cut by the Frio River, Garner State Park is right there too. It is worth the drive.

Ulvalde is a clean , enterprising town , looks like it has figured out the Bazillion Dollar Ranches can sustain a town.

Nice Nice Country. While this water looks very shallow it is actually over my head deep. If you look close in the top picture you will see an appaloosa catfish.

Guestamated weight about 5 lbs.

This was my view this morning at 6 am . What a refreshing trip.

Thanks for your time



Kellygirl said...

Is this West Texas? It's actually nice. Kinda pretty. Might need to go on a road trip.

scotte said...

No, Kellygirl, this is south texas. But it does feel West Texas ish. If you were to add 40 mile per hour winds, a lot of sand, and take away the water and landscape. Thats West Texas!