Wednesday, January 28, 2009

See--thats the reason we are afraid of computers.

Last week - Janie was a wishing she could get a new look for her blog. Ya know spruce it up a little and maybe help put some cheer into every ones life. (or at least that's the way I have it figured in my mind). After a blog about just such feelings ,That Janie Girl, must have gotten a lot of comments about changing templates and backgrounds and such. How do I know -cause I ain't blind yet. She did what we all fear-Lost her work-Template Gone-Content Intact!

My 3 sons have grown up with a computer. My eldest , age 21, could out type me by the time he was 10. None of them have any regard for the price of a computer and I always thought this was why they were so fearless. Back when a decent PC had 1 gig hard drives and the prices were 5 or even 10 times higher than now-my boys could shortcut me through any problem. I am still reluctant to short cut , even though I back up to a hard drive constantly.
So Sis don't despair, the old blog was pretty .........But the content was always the prize.
Thanks for your time

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