Wednesday, February 11, 2009

End of an Era!!

Well, finally did it. That 12,000 ft building that has been a warehouse for the remnants of old business ventures has started it clean out phase. After the little hiccup of a heart scare last week, I hired 6 day labor guys here in Big Spring. We don't have a Home Depot so I had to call the local radio show ASK YOUR NEIGHBOR. Told listeners that I needed some help and would pay $10 per hour. I had 25 phone calls in the next 30 minutes. The oilfield really has put a lot of people out of work in the last month. So Sad!

Of these 6 guys 4 of them were excellent hands, the other 2 were the wore-out derelict types, but I am a equal opportunity slave driver. They muscled and finessed about 30 video games, 25 gum ball racks and carousels, pool tables, Snow-cone stuff, lawn mowers, furniture, beer boxes, mud engineer equip, and a butt load of other assorted crap onto trailers and down to the Auction House. Its gonna sell no matter what price it brings.

Lotta memories--I used to pay my 3 sons a penny a capsule to stuff toys, coins , fake jewelery, and other crap into capsules , then we would go out and make a day of filling machines with our goodies, then we would get the real goodies out (MONEY). Then back to the house where we would count , roll, and record. I think all 3 understand business better because we showed them what their time was worth.

I used to ask them--Do you want to go tomorrow ? We can see how much we made while we were asleep! ........................... They understand ---Do You?

But that was long ago, and now its done. I have officially gone out of the vending business! Too bad - 1- 820 count box of gum at Sam's $39 1- 59$ machine at Sams 1- decent location = $210.00

See thinking you might die------thought like------Oh Shit ! Someone is gonna have to go thru all of the crap I have saved in my life! Reprieve!! I'm gonna get rid of it now and spend the money!!!!!! Inheritance????? It was gonna be 35 more years before PacMan and NFL Blitz are collectors items. Maybe by the time we get this building empty and start on the second one , I will have a better idea ? Hopefully , enough for a trip to ................. Allen's Fried Chicken in Sweetwater, TX.
Thanks for your time,


Janie said...

I wanna go! I wanna go!

scotte said...

of course , my treat.

scotte said...

of course , my treat.

Don said...

Very Interest stuff I read about you Scott..........did not know you had a heart to give problems. ha ha. Glad all turned out well with that. By the way where do you and your sweetheart go to church..........would love to have you visit ours First Baptist, I teach a S.S. class you would be in. Just come in west door and ask for Brodie's looking for ya......keep up the blog you make me laugh but I knew you could blog the way you laugh and carry on. Brodie

scotte said...

Wow, Don I had no idea you were a blogger. I had better watch what I say now. Good to hear from you Mr. Brodie. I will tell miss lisa that you have invited us. Till then, see you in bloggerville.