Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Musings while traversing the Barnett Shale.

Just rolled in from parts east. The Barnett Shale formation area around Ft . Worth , Tx. If you ever wanted to know what would happen if natural gas were found under your yard...look no further. These operators have worked around school zones, residences, alleyways, fences, parking garages, and more likely than not football, baseball, and soccer fields all around the West Metroplex.
It was pretty cool today to see a gas line jockey standing on the tool box of his pickup peering over a fence in a residential area. I had to stop and ask---checking for leaks???? He laughed and said "Yessir, every day , but I am behind! I have to finish before 6 pm. Why? No oilfield traffic after 6."
What happens if a leak occurs after 6 pm?
He said " Don't know Bud, never had one. Gotta Go"

Hope they have to rod these babies up some day. I know Janie ...They are gas wells....but a rod salesman can wish can't he????

If you guys ever get that way take 820 loop around Ft. Worth to the North . You can't miss it---The Oilpatch moved to the Metroplex. Metrosexual Pumpers ---Dressing up to Get Dirty ( or Pumping in Paisley and Pink) Watch for the show on Tru Tv!!!!!
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Did you go see my Jamex friends?