Saturday, February 25, 2012

Game On!

Okay , first a little background..... I worked for one company and was one of the top salespeople in the history of the company. I quit them and went to work for the competitor. At my former companies request, I stayed on through the month of December 2011. Now here comes the stupid part.

Former company is usually about 2 months behind in paying commission checks. So when February rolled around I was expecting my December commission check. It never came! So after some inquiries I was told that I had to call the President of the company about my check.
This man told me "We have adopted the policy of no longer paying individuals commissions who no longer are employed here at @#$%. We feel that we are well within our rights" My response to this was at first disbelief of this companies ignorance of the law in the great state of Texas. I then informed him that I would be filing with the TWC\labor law division for wages owed.
I immediately went to the local TWC office and filed form 1107 and faxed it with verification to the Austin labor law division. They assured me that my money would soon be forthcoming. Being the smart ass that I am... I immediately took a picture of the form fax cover sheet and sent it via text message to the company President.
22 minutes later ....a text response from Pres. asking for my commission invoices for the month of December. What did they do with the ones I turned in to my Area Manager back in December? Probably shredded them or burned them in effigy at some stupid meeting that they called about it.
I stopped by my old office the next day and let them copy my Dec. worksheet and invoices. Does this mean my check is on the way? Probably not but the good old state of Texas will make sure that I get payed every penny.
You know ....I was perfectly willing to be a friendly competitor but now they have made if personal. Very Personal.
No self respecting Texan is going to break under the Chicago (Morton Grove) style of intimidation practiced by these damn Yankees. A word to the unwise- You should learn the labor laws of the state in which you are doing business!
You should also learn the will of the West Texans that you employ and employed. I am not scared of you or your lawyers. I am not afraid of your power with the Federal Government.
You should on the other hand be very afraid of me and the relationships that I have with the decision makers in the industry in which we both still work.
These people know me. Obviously better than you know me! They know that I will never lie to them and that I will do anything to back the product that I represent. Can you say the same? No, you cannot!
So in closing......KR, JA, JT, PC, DK, and the rest of the policy setters at your company with no solutions....Game on!


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