Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I hate M.S.A.s

M.S.A.- Master Service Agreement
These are now one of the most time consuming, troublesome hurdles that I have ever encountered in the oilfield today. In the old days I could sell a product to anyone who wanted or needed it.
Now each company requires a certain amount of safety training, along with a certificate of insurance, W-9 forms, and a sponsor from said company. This is understandable in 2012 as we are in a boom, a very large boom.
The Permian is in the largest boom time that I have ever witnessed as are most basins in the USA. Historically the oil business is run by operation guys in a boom and by accounting and/ or legal in a bust! I think that maybe procurement did not get the memo that we are booming .
It has been a long slow process to get on some companies vendor lists and I am an impatient salesman. The field guys are ready and the work is there for the taking but the MSA is not in place so all hands are tied. Very frustrating.
Time will fix it all ...........hopefully!
Thanks for listening

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