Tuesday, October 7, 2008

floyd update!

Floyd Brownfield is still in ICU @ Midland Memorial. Turns out that Floyd has a busted left shoulder , on top of the fractured skull, cracked ribs, cracked vertebra, and everything else is badly bruised. They were taking him for another full body scan this afternoon , and the last brain scan showed some swelling. Doctors say this is normal because they just removed the probe from his brain. They are increasing his time out of the induced coma by 15 minutes , twice a day. He will be up to 2 hours this evening.
This is gonna be a long process and the Brownfield family needs your prayers!!!!
Floyd, Nancy, Kevin, Janice, and ......... dang it there is another daughter!!! sorry! and their kids all are still worried sick. Nancy looked great this afternoon, but I can tell she is sick with worry.
She is a warrior and will stand by her man through it all. We talked at length today and she told me stories of Floyd's kindness that he will be pissed about me knowing later. HA HA I can't wait to tell of his philanthropy at the coffee bar , after he is well , of course!!!
Pray for them!!! These are good people.
Thanks for your time

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Janie said...

You know I'm praying.

love ya