Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pemian Basin Oil Show

This is my first PBOS since 1980's and I sure don't remember it being this much work. Of course in the 80's, I was on the other end . Back then I worked for an oil company(now defunct) and all I had to do was show up.
Now that I work for a service company(Fiberod) it is a different story. Not only do we have a booth that we must set up , man , and fill with goodies. But we also host one of the Premiere Parties of the show.
Party is set for Wed, Oct. 22 at the new Fiberod facility on I-20 @ W loop 250. 7 pm
2 bands, beer and wine bar, Italian food, and every employee at Fiberod, plus sister co CDI, plus parent company John Crane.
Motel rooms, caterers, tables , chairs , booze, security, trash detail, tipsy taxis, shirts, sticks (these are the most requested), and more make this one big job.
I am sure glad it is not my job. I am just a bystander in the planning stage, but will be a big part of the labor stage. How come ?? Just my nature , I guess.
If you are a part of this industry (oil and Gas) then you probably have plans to attend the show, If you are a Fiberod customer (especially one of mine) then please consider yourself formally invited to our party. If you just want to crash-----Well , You are on your own. (call me) but my official retort is Sorry, Industry only!!!!
I must leave for Farmington next week and when I return I am sure it will be balls to the wall. Our annual sales meeting is scheduled for Thursday and Friday after the oil show. Good Timing!!! Parent company 's first one, so they will probably not make the same choice two years from now. Lots of hungover sales force!!! Makes for a sour meeting usually. We shall see, but I won't be able to tell how it all works out till November , if I am lucky.
Plan to attend the PERMIAN BASIN OIL SHOW OCTOBER 21-23 and be sure to stop by the Fiberod booth, we will have our green (energy saving product) walking sticks available to all who come by and ask for one. These sticks are used for showing livestock, gun bracing, and dog repellent when taking a walk. They are also great for pointers in a presentation, spouse retraining, and kid attitude adjustment.

See you at the Oil Show,
thanks for your time


Janie said...

Me wanna stick!! Me wanna stick!!

Love ya, had fun today...

scotte said...

dang it janie , I should of given you a bundle to carry with you. It would be like Fiberod participated.
Love you , have fun, be careful, and call me if you need me.