Friday, October 3, 2008

Prayers Needed!!!

A great co-worker was hurt on the job , 2 days ago, and is still in ICU @ Midland Memorial. Floyd Brownfield (vp of operations) took a bad spill from our new staircase and fractured his skull, some ribs, and got generally banged up pretty good. Floyd is in an induced coma in ICU, and all indications are good. But he and his family need your prayers!!!! Floyd and Nancy Brownfield, their children, grandchildren, and coworkers have effectively taken over the ICU waiting room and have put their lives on hold to rally behind Floyd.
Please join me in my prayers for this wonderful family and man. Floyd is the guy who is always at work first (6am) and many days I have been at the plant in Big Spring at 7 pm and he was still there. I think he really likes his job. He has been responsible for the production line and plant for decades, and Fiberod owes him a large amount of their success.
I pray for the rapid recovery of Floyd Brownfield, and Peace for his family!! They are worried sick and need our support. Nancy is a wonderful woman , and we all think of her and Floyd as family -not just co-workers. She will not leave the hospital and we and her family understand her wishes. We will do everything we can to make this better for her and her family.
I have never asked readers for anything , but prayer is greatly needed.
Nancy, Kevin, Janice, Steve, and the rest of the family, I am proud to work with you and Floyd.
I am also greatful that it was Floyd's head that took the brunt of the fall, cause it is a fact, Floyd Brownfield is the hardest headed guy at Fiberod. Love you all and may Jesus answer all your prayers and help this accident be just one more story in the long and eventful life and times of Floyd Brownfield and family.
Thanks for your time
Scott E

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