Saturday, December 13, 2008


121!! That is the # of dead deer (fresh) on the road between Big Spring, Tx and Austin, Tx on 12-12-08. My bud ,Mac, and I went to pick up #1s car from UT yesterday. We left BS @ 2pm and got back at 2 am. Fast trip except for visiting with Tony & Jeanette. Nice apartment kids!

Mac and I got bored with this trip earlier this year, and we decided we would count deer next trip. In the south bound leg , we counted 24 dead deer. Mostly between Brady and Llano. During the north bound trip 97 deer--Only 11 between Llano and Brady!!! The major slaughter of dumb deer was from San Angelo to Big Spring. Full Moon maybe? I wonder how much money is spent at auto body repair shops due to collisions with deer? I'll bet there are some rich Christmas mornings at the shop owners this year. MERRY CHRISTMAS KIDS!!

I think the insurance companies of Texas should pool together some money to High Fence the Highway. Untold Millions would be saved over the years. But then we would likely have to bail out the Body Shops of Texas.
We made it back with all intact-trailer lights not withstanding. 43' of dodge and darting driving.
we may have missed a few of the deer--please do not use this data in any scientific polls or surveys. Data might be good for a dissertation or a master thesis , but I am probably not the expert in this field.

Thanks for your time


Janie said...

Instead of I Spy, you played count the road kill?


That. Is. Sick.

love ya

scotte said...

i know it. But.......there ya are.
love you too

Snooty Primadona said...

We saw a lot of road kill (deer) on the way to & from Austin, which is why I refuse to drive at night, lol.

Funny picture... friends of yours?

Stu Pidasso said...

Been making the trip from Midalnd to Austin/Houston for eight years now and have yet (please don't jinx me now!!) to hit a four legger. Had a few close calls but no hits yet. Good luck with the new camera!!