Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Really Really Just Rambling

I own a discount tobacco store in my home town. The only one in town to be truthful. Today the local news media, Channel 7 KOSA, called me to see if they could film inside my store???
It seems after a fatality in a trailer house fire last week, the authorities deciphered that a burning cigarette started the fire. Combine that with a new law about removing the chemicals that keep a cig lit that enacts in January, and my store looked like a good place for a panoramic view of a plethora of cancer sticks.
I talked with the reporter on the phone and gave my permission to video tape the interior of the store.

My point , You ask? Well , I opened this little store 10 years ago. I naively assumed that a law that was in committee in the Texas Senate would become law. I forgot that MalWart and BEH along with others had the same right to own Lobbyists as anyone. I am referring to a law that has been quashed term after term. This law was to basically remove tobacco products from any establishment that allowed minors in the building.
You know- like a liquor store has been your whole life! I was gonna be rich!!
Well, 10 years later, a lot has changed , and the place is profitable. Anything vice related-eh Bro-IN-Law! Inside Joke sorry!
I think this is a unique example of our government at work. Here you have a bill, that makes it thru the whole process, and becomes a law. Really -We are taking out the chemical(s) that keep a cigarette burning, but we are leaving all of the addictive chemicals. And the ones known to cause cancer. Out of all of our legislators-not one thought about adding this to this law? Buuuullllssssshhhhhhiiiiiittttttt!
The money talks and the rest of us take it up the butt.
No one cares if the cigarette goes out-the end user will like it better. He can relight his smoke now. No one will holler too loud-The only ones hurt are the co that makes the chemical (salt-peter) and The tobacco co that decided to add the chemical in the first place. They sure aren't gonna holler cause if they comply they get to keep all the subsidies the Fed gives them.
And they look like they are doing something for the end user. Formerly known as a smoker. Now can be found at social outcast areas statewide!
By the way isn't salt-peter something the Fed gave soldiers to keep the lead out of their pencils during the war. Wow, I wonder if Viagra stock will soften? MILF will love that!!!!!!
I have prattled on way too long-but if you happened to watch the 6 pm news, that was my store!
Did you see it?
Now we are BIGTIME-heee heeee

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Anytime, young lady, anytime