Friday, December 19, 2008

Watch out Janie, now I have a good camera , too.

I got my Merry Christmas, a Canon EOS Rebel xsi, with a whole crap load of lenses and memory and flash and filters and tripods and cases and how in the world does anyone have enough spare time to ever figure one of these things out. And just how detailed should a picture be, 12.2 mega pixels , takes a lot of memory on my laptop. I will just upgrade to a bigger hard drive , I guess.

I can now zoom in on a blemish , or zit to the cellular point. I am not real sure that is a good thing. But I love it and surely I will be able to figure this out eventually, or have a lot of fun trying anyway. I have included a picture I took of two of my employees both with swells . I titled this photo Karmen gets her butt kicked by a baby. They think it is hilarious.
Anyway it runs in the family right Janie? I will inately know all you have learned about photography in the last 30 years , right? Yeah, right.
Thanks for your time
Scott E


Janie said...

Brrrrrrrriiiiinnnnnngggg it!

I'm excited for you!

And...I don't know shit about photography, but I have a lot of fun!!

Braja said...

Janie sent me. I just do what she says :)

Great photo, those girls are right!
I know nothing either but I have a great camera. But I had a professional photographer set it to the P&P mode: point and press :)

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Came over here from Sounding Forth...that is a hilarious picture!

In_spired said...

It's Janie's fault I'm here!! Regardless of what she says...IT'S A GREAT PICTURE! (but heck! what do I know? I'm not a photographer..I'm just a 'pointer and shooter') Enjoy your holidays and your sis...she's a honey!

Vodka Mom said...

Now THAT is classic. Janie was right.

scotte said...

Janie-I just had to goad you a little. love ya
Braja-Great now i have to find a pro! Thanks for stopping by and I will stop by to see you.
Nanny-Thanks for stopping by!
in spired-Thank you , those girls are great sports. And girl , I know how much of a special one Janie is , too. I will visit you too.
Vodka Mom- Thanks for stopping by-by the way did your "fire" ever fade? Hope you get to be a part of our family this year- or should I say let Janie and hers be a part of yours? Thanks for your insight, really, I have read your blog.