Sunday, March 1, 2009

Lisa & Nick go east!!!

They left Wed. morning to head to Chicago.  Then over to Rochester to the Mayo Clinic.  Thursday A.M.-- the testing begins. 

Lisa says there are skywalks everywhere.  This is how they traverse a hospital town in sub-zero weather.  It goes thru the hotel, malls , restaurants, and more hotels , clinics, and support facilities.

Friday--back to Mayo for more testing, Hopefully a little less invasive than yesterday.  Hope that last appointment doesn't change their travel plans.  Made the shuttle and the flight.  Back in Chicago.  BBBBrrrrrrrrrrr!

Sat- Hang out in Chicago and wait for the verdict.  Meanwhile-Chinatown, Blue Man Group, Choice of a wide Gluten Free menu at every restaurant , not just outback.  Seems like there must be a lot of Celiac's in Illinois. Even the mom & Pop  shops have a gluten free menu.

Sunday-Its snowing again but only in Downtown Chicago.  Even the suburbs don't believe is it snowing downtown.  Bundle up - Gotta go see some sights!

Monday-Hope to have testing results and prognosis for Nick by 10 am.  Then we can schedule more testing.  Or they can come Home. Home-

It ain' home until they get here.   If they can't get scheduled , Then they will come home Today.  or Tonight!  Before Midnight is Today , Demit!

Thank the Lord for keeping mine safe - I pray he does the same for you and yours.

Thanks for your time,

PS - I tried to insert some pictures of Chicago, snow, Rochester, and MacZ's new pajamas from China town. Silk with butterflies!

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