Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Okay I fixed my blog.

By deleting some old posts and removing the song option of my blog , I now am able to view this post . I hope you can ,too.
Lisa and Nick are back from the Mayo Clinic. The testing went well, but not that well received by Nick. He has matured so much during this ordeal. I don't think he will give us a fit at flu shot time this year. He endured many invasive tests and the end result is.........IT IS NOT Juvenile M.S. They believe they will have it narrowed down later this week and he has another appointment on the 17 of March. His problem is more than likely an auto-immune problem that could have stemmed from Celiac's Disease. (the inability of your body to deal with gluten). It also is the reason that he suffers from arthritis.
Please keep my baby in your prayers, he is a 14 year old boy, and Lord , I need him. A parents job is sometimes just too taxing. I must refrain from praying it away from him to me. Jesus will see to taking care of this problem-he always does! But a little extra prayers can't hurt. So if you are a warrior in Christ-lift him up and praise him-and ask him to watch over my son . A miraculous cure is not out of the question.
Thanks for your time

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