Saturday, March 7, 2009

Okay, I bet there is an oilfield explanation for this Deal.

One month ago to the day.  I thought I had a heart attack and went to the ER.  After a clean angiogram . my doctors and I believed that I was a medical miracle.  No Heart Attack-no blockage of any kind visible with or without contrast (dye).  If it happens again we will try to pin it down but most likely a hietal hernia or an ulcer, maybe even a panic attack.

Now you must understand that I have been smoking since I was 13 years old, I did quit for 3 years , but picked it up again on the way to Arlington TX to visit my bro in the hospital.  He had just been diagnosed with Cancer.  That was over 20 years ago.  I have been strutting around like a peacock for about 2 weeks, when I notice that just by pushing a dresser across a slick tile floor, I am completely out of breath.  My mind said Hmm.!

Last Saturday , I woke with severe heartburn at 7 am. I took some acid pills and then went to w-Mart to get something more.  Maalox Advanced and that did the trick.  After 8.30 I was fine for the  rest of the day.  Wed at 8am, I felt it begin in my belly,  I tried to shake off the foreboding feeling that came over me,  as the pain radiated to my fingertips, I would stretch and shake my hands to try to relieve the pain.  About 10 am I went to my local doctor, and we talked about panic attacks.  He tried acupuncture to balance my life force.  He then gave me a knock out shot, because we all knew it wasn't my heart.

Lisa came to pick me up and after 2.5 hours of tossing and turning, I agreed to go back to Dr. in Odessa , because he could set us up with a Stomach Doc.  Got to the ER at Odessa Regional and had the foresight to just say I am having chest pains.   As the cardiac ER folks , took over I explained that I had a clean angiogram  , less than a month ago.  Everyone smiled and said Oh okay cool and the world slowed down.  In about 2 minutes , they hooked me up to an EKG , and gave me some Demerol for pain.  In about 2 more minutes they came in and changed out my EKG machine , cause this one must be broken.  Same reading,  Dr. Jack and Steve leaned over me and said, Clean angiogram or no , You sir, are having a massive heart attack.......I looked at my wife and smiled.  She said, Why are you smiling??  Cause I knew it all along!   Never have I had heartburn, stress, or a problem expressing myself!   And the overwhelming sense of Foreboding is something that should be listed as a symptom of heart attack.

Dr. Naidu started emergency surgery and found my main artery 100% blocked and a second 80% blocked.  This unsettled him some but he went straight to work,  with a touch the 100% blood clot dissipated .  But the 80% clear plug had to be roto-rootered out.  He then inserted 2 stints to keep the artery wide. 


I know what happened in the ER in Big Spring a month ago.  They had me on a heart monitor and my heart rate and BP went thru the roof .  The young lady trying to start an IV blew up my vein and got blood squirted on her.  Then my pain went away----completely away!!!!  

I explained to Dr. Naidu what I think happened.  A blood clot formed and plugged my artery.  Then after 1 hour and 10 minutes , My body took over and forced the blood clot though my heart with such force that it actually cleaned out my piping.  Like running a rabbit or a pig though a piece of pipe.  These are not animals , but what the object is called that you send through a piece of pipe to clear any snakes, rabbits , skunks or sand out of the pipe.The term pig is used more in the refining end of the oilfield and a rabbit is what we called it on a Drilling rig or a Pulling Unit.

Heck fire,  We just pressured up and pumped the plug.  Just another day in the oilfield.  Only there is always the chance that the pipe will yield and blow a hole in such pipe.   In the medical field this is called a Widow Maker.  I will always feel blessed that I dodged that bullet, and I got to go home yesterday and see my 2 youngest boys and my granddaughter came over this morning.

I am now working on 80 hours without a cigarette,  and my sense of smell is just amazing.  I cannot drive my truck because it stinks too bad.  My office is just as gross and I will probably replace ceiling tiles and carpet next week.  Paint too if I have to, but for now Febreze baby Febreze!

I hope I can keep it up , but that feeling of impending doom, is a DAMN good motivator!

Thanks for your time.



Janie at Sounding Forth said...

I love you. I'm sooooo glad you're alive.

I'll see you tonight.

Love, Janie

Janie at Sounding Forth said...

But if you do this again, I'll kill you. I mean it.

Okay, I'm lying.