Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Guilt--Here is the Post I owe.

Today, I got a lady calling me about a job. How do you know how to react to a unsolicited job offer. It was worded in a way that made it very open ended.
Do you know anyone who might be interested in representing our production equipment company in the Permian basin?
I was reminded of working at the local paper in the 70's--when I needed a new paperboy - I would look for a young man on a bike and stop and ask him " Hey kid -You got a big brother??"
"I need a new paper carrier --You got a big brother or some bigger friends??" "What about me?" the answer invariably came from the young man.
Well in this day of uncertainty in the Patch- I took the high road. I am perfectly happy where I am ma am, but if you will email me , I will attempt to hook you up with the right person.
I got the email and it looks legit....but you never know.


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Janie at Sounding Forth said...

Send it to me and i'll vet it for ya!