Sunday, July 26, 2009

Oilman's Shoot is next week!!1

It seems like only yesterday that I signed up for the Oilman's Shoot at WindWalker. I remember thinking "This thing is a long time off...wonder why we have to sign up in June??"
Now it is time to shoot.

This is one of the most exclusive shoots in West Texas and it is not for a charity. This makes it even more rare. 2 man teams and I am shooting with my good friend and customer Mike Winfield. We always shoot this one and have a blast. Mike drinks non-alcoholic beer and I don't drink at all so we can commiserate about that.
He and his sons are all about the shooting sports and he usually spanks me at Clays. But this year I have been practicing and plan to shoot at least a 90 and hopefully closer to 100%. I have won something at this shoot every year and hope to keep the streak alive.
This year I am donating all winner guns to The Heart Association fund raiser and auction.
So far I have only won 1 , and I am hoping to add at least one more with this shoot.

Wish me luck,

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Janie at Sounding Forth said...

I gave up my slot.

Am I stupid, or what?

Oh, well, with my suppsed "news" maybe the timing was perfect. Steve and i can go out of town. Or something.