Sunday, July 19, 2009

James Averette Age 63

James Averette was killed in a one truck accident about 20 miles north of Big Spring Texas on Hwy 350 Thursday Morning. He was a tool pusher for Wes tex Drilling. James was one of those hands that all oilfield workers aspired to be. Back in the 70's , we called him EverReady, cause he always was ready to work, fight, or laugh at some stupid antic we made up.

A throwback to the days of old, where a quick trip to the cattle guard solved many a personnel issue. Make em bite!! If you can't get it , you can't stay!! Put your little hands on it!! I have heard this man growl these words both to me and scores of others on drilling rigs all over Texas.

I have worked harder than I ever thought I could with his crew, and still count many of the hands I worked with in the 2 years and 4 months on Rig 4 at Robinson Drilling as some of my very best friends. I think that James had a strong and true heart- I will miss him as I go about my life in the oil patch.
The industry will miss him even more!!!! He was still making hands out of worms to the day that he died. You always felt like a worm around James Averette and it was not because he glowered over you, but because his knowledge was endless. Passing it on to a new hand never ended because he had seen and done it all. He made us all better people and oilfield trash.
For my dollar , there was no better toolie or driller , than James. I count the time that I worked for him as some of the best work I ever did. With the likes of Jerry (peewee) Jones, Jerry Jamison, Derrell (Drail) Pope, Terry (Fuzzy) Carter, Curtis James and even Mike McGrath.
Those were the days

I will miss you James. Don't worry I will get a bigger hammer!!



Janie at Sounding Forth said...

Oh, no! I didn't know.

I'm sorry - he will be missed.

Stacey said...

Scott thank you so much for writing such a nice thing about my dad it not the same without him here but this really touch me. Thank you