Sunday, July 26, 2009

Oilman's Shoot is next week!!1

It seems like only yesterday that I signed up for the Oilman's Shoot at WindWalker. I remember thinking "This thing is a long time off...wonder why we have to sign up in June??"
Now it is time to shoot.

This is one of the most exclusive shoots in West Texas and it is not for a charity. This makes it even more rare. 2 man teams and I am shooting with my good friend and customer Mike Winfield. We always shoot this one and have a blast. Mike drinks non-alcoholic beer and I don't drink at all so we can commiserate about that.
He and his sons are all about the shooting sports and he usually spanks me at Clays. But this year I have been practicing and plan to shoot at least a 90 and hopefully closer to 100%. I have won something at this shoot every year and hope to keep the streak alive.
This year I am donating all winner guns to The Heart Association fund raiser and auction.
So far I have only won 1 , and I am hoping to add at least one more with this shoot.

Wish me luck,

Friday, July 24, 2009

Ahhhhh! The Weekend!

This is my first real weekend off in months. I am so looking forward to sleeping late tomorrow. Late?? Yepper, I plan to sleep until 8 am in the morning. About 2 hours late for me. Well , 2 hours later than today anyway.
I know 8 am is not that late for most of the people living in modern society, but out here in West Texas , it is so late that the milk will go bad in the cow.
I hope the chickens will not cannabalize the eggs, or the pigs sizzle in the 100 degree heat-but dang nab it ....I deserve to sleep late at least every once in a while.
So you citified folk had better not be ringing my phone before 8.01 am tomorrow. And after that I will be out on regular duty, Conversing with the farm animals that constitute the normalness of West Texas.
YeeHi! Thank God I'm a Country Boy!

Oh, Crap, I moved to town over 5 years ago! Oil Well!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wall Street Bar & Grill

I almost eat out for a living. No , I am not a food critic -but a salesman in the Permian Basin Oilfield. It is not are you gonna do lunch , but where??
I eat out everyday , most days twice , rarely 3 times but it does happen.
Today , I had the Fillet Min on with Mashed Potatoes at Wall Street Bar & Grill in Midland , Tx.
OMG!!! This has to be the best piece of meat ever!!!! This steak , while ordered by everyone at my table, is not the only great menu item at Wall Street! But it is always delicious from the first to the last bite.
The first time I ordered it - I thought Wow! this is a little steak!!, but it sure does fill you up.
Go ahead
Stop in and try it.
Tell em ScottE sent you---then order the Fillet!
or the Jambalaya
or the grilled chicken breast
or the oh crap now I am hungry again
Lisa !!!! Any of that Kettle corn left?????

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Guilt--Here is the Post I owe.

Today, I got a lady calling me about a job. How do you know how to react to a unsolicited job offer. It was worded in a way that made it very open ended.
Do you know anyone who might be interested in representing our production equipment company in the Permian basin?
I was reminded of working at the local paper in the 70's--when I needed a new paperboy - I would look for a young man on a bike and stop and ask him " Hey kid -You got a big brother??"
"I need a new paper carrier --You got a big brother or some bigger friends??" "What about me?" the answer invariably came from the young man.
Well in this day of uncertainty in the Patch- I took the high road. I am perfectly happy where I am ma am, but if you will email me , I will attempt to hook you up with the right person.
I got the email and it looks legit....but you never know.


Sunday, July 19, 2009

James Averette Age 63

James Averette was killed in a one truck accident about 20 miles north of Big Spring Texas on Hwy 350 Thursday Morning. He was a tool pusher for Wes tex Drilling. James was one of those hands that all oilfield workers aspired to be. Back in the 70's , we called him EverReady, cause he always was ready to work, fight, or laugh at some stupid antic we made up.

A throwback to the days of old, where a quick trip to the cattle guard solved many a personnel issue. Make em bite!! If you can't get it , you can't stay!! Put your little hands on it!! I have heard this man growl these words both to me and scores of others on drilling rigs all over Texas.

I have worked harder than I ever thought I could with his crew, and still count many of the hands I worked with in the 2 years and 4 months on Rig 4 at Robinson Drilling as some of my very best friends. I think that James had a strong and true heart- I will miss him as I go about my life in the oil patch.
The industry will miss him even more!!!! He was still making hands out of worms to the day that he died. You always felt like a worm around James Averette and it was not because he glowered over you, but because his knowledge was endless. Passing it on to a new hand never ended because he had seen and done it all. He made us all better people and oilfield trash.
For my dollar , there was no better toolie or driller , than James. I count the time that I worked for him as some of the best work I ever did. With the likes of Jerry (peewee) Jones, Jerry Jamison, Derrell (Drail) Pope, Terry (Fuzzy) Carter, Curtis James and even Mike McGrath.
Those were the days

I will miss you James. Don't worry I will get a bigger hammer!!


Friday, July 17, 2009

okay--cowboy up!!!!!

Whew--What a week. Work is done - work is done. Crap gotta do those reports. Its my weekend at the cigarette store. Lawn needs mowing again. Wife and Gdaughter are out of town visiting #1 son. Its Hot! Too hot to even post!!!

I am going to the house because there is a contractor there and I am worried that he may cut in the wrong place. I have a rental property that needs a tending. My vending machine route owner operator has not made a payment in 6 months. It is time for some belated spring cleaning. I need to shed some of these looming things before they shed me.

So I am off to work the weekend.


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Doctor's Visit

All is well. Did the checkup thing , today. Don't have to go back for 3 months.
Today it became official. I am way past flatbelly stage of larvadom.

When I went back to work in the Oilfield 3 years ago , I was pushing the scales at a sleek 185. I thought that I was in great shape and could carry the world. After following in thatJaniegirls footsteps and setting breakfast and lunch appointments every blessed day of the week , by the time I looked up again, I was up to 200.

When I had my heart attack on March 4th, 2009 , I was still at 199. Today at my checkup , I weighed in at..................................217. I have only been this heavy once before as a younger firefighter. I got up to 235 before getting to work on losing it again.
I quit smoking on March 4 th also, this is where this new weight gain begins. I eat all the time, from the time I get up until bedtime.
Food just doesn't satisfy me, I crave a cigarette! I don't want sticky platelets or constricting arteries , but I really want a cigarette.

  1. At least 6 times a day, ( an improvement over 20 TD), I want to beat the shit out of somebody. Usually for something like a sneeze, or some offhand comment. Instead I eat...........and eat.
  2. I know that it takes 475 licks to get to the chewy chocolate center of a tootsie-pop. By the way if you have not noticed they added some new flavors. Pomegranate and Watermelon are very , very good.
  3. The peppermint puffs that sells at Sam's in a 3 pound tub, will last 14 days if my coworkers (thieves) will stay out of my food.
  4. The "EEEEEEEEEEEEEE" key sticks when bombarded with sunflower seed hulls.
  5. The sheer volume of sugar and Dr. Pepper consumed is compounded by a factor of my age (50). Sugar Diabetes is the most probable malady in my future.

So my new lot in life is to curb this new found appetite, because it does not fill my belly or my needs. I will blog about my efforts, but will not cage myself by only blogging about that subject.

I can already not blog about work, because there is always the outside chance that a coworker will stumble across this blogger thingy.

Cya when I cya,


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dang, missed a day already.

See, keeping up with Janie has never really worked for me. I always had to cut my own trail just to avoid being swept up in the wake of That Janie Girl. It has been a fun ride and when the destination was reached I an always welcomed by the crowd that has accepted her. It is almost biblical, huh.

Those of you who know us , know of what I speak. She is a force all her own, and I love her for it. She has never been ruled by fear or intimidation, and I always felt like she knew that I had her back. It never really mattered to me how big they were ( a lot of that came from our big brother) if they messed with my sister, then they had to deal with me.

Still that way today, which could mean thats why its only the dogs who give her black eyes!!!!!
Love ya Janie!!! Hope we get to see alot of each other this FY2010.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


I am gonna take the THATJANIEGIRL challenge and try to post for 30 days straight. This will be my first in over 2 months.
I will attempt to be as open, truthful, and entertain you at the same time. If its not entertaining , at least stick with me for a couple of days. Maybe it will grow on you.

Today, Yard work calls. Too hot for midday work. Evening and early morning only.

I hope yall have a great weekend.

See ya,
Scott E