Saturday, August 4, 2007

30 years of time erased in 1 weekend

Wow , we just did my 30 year reunion!!! Class of 77 Big Spring High School. I cant believe all the people that showed up, and how good they looked!! We had over 300 graduate in 77 (pre Webb closing) and about 80 or 90 showed up. Unbelievable, It was like we all had never left.

We met at a local restaurant Fri nite. Now here is where an old annual would come in handy! But within minutes old friendships were rekindled, and memories were in the air. Stories (both funny and scary)
were told on everyone by everyone. Better Halfs were introduced and the party was on. They rocked the bar until closing time (I heard) and everyone looked pretty haggard the next morning at the

Golf Tournament--BSCC 8 am (ya'll can thank Tom Churchwell for that)
This was the most fun I have ever had at a Golf Tourny, No prizes, No Mulligans, Just a bunch of 48 year olds having a great time duffing and laughing at each other. Of course we cheated , but we announced that we would from the beginning. My team was George Robertson, Jeff Kushaney, and Robert Creelman. We shot a par 71 but turned in a score of 7 under!!! Still didn't win ===last group had an eraser. We finished at 12ish for
Lunch - hamburgers and burnt beans. Here we recieved the name tag that showed your name with your senior picture. This would have been handy at 8 am because noone looked as good as the night before and it was hard to locate your teammates. Everyone had a great time and we went home to ready ourselves for Saturday nite.
7pm BSCC for Disco and Buffet. Here is where Jill (odom) Spannus and Susan (Smith) Smith really went to work. Jill was dragging everyone to the dance floor -whether they wanted to or not. Susan was the MC and awarded all the normal prizes, then broke out the karoke machine. We listened to Kyle and the Wheelettes sing a Barry White ballad and then Robert Creelman (had a #1 hit in germany???) sing country. They were all actually good, really good.
Lisa and I had a great time and shame on you that did not show up, but I hope to see you all next time. 10 years older but still rocking.


Scott class of 77 (most likely to go to jail)


Janie said...

Most likely to go to jail? That's what they named you?

Showed them, didn't you?

Glad you had fun - love ya!

scotte said...

janie Yeah but that was 30 years ago and they were young.
But to answer your question ---yepper
love scott