Thursday, August 9, 2007

avis lube???

My #1s came home from summer school at U.T. earlier this month, and decided he would get his oil changed. Now never has he taken it upon himself to do P.M. on the 99 Honda he drives. So how could I gripe about him taking the responsibility?

When he comes home , he tells his mom that they charged him $79.00 to change his power steering fluid. What he did not know was that I had done that 1 month before, you know , before he got responsible.

So on Monday after he had returned to Austin, I took the bill and went to the local oil change store, Jiffy Lube. I had been doing business there for years and knew the manager, Freddy. I showed him the bill and explained that my son had been scammed by his establishment. He said there was nothing he could do. Now I do understand the concept of leverage and proceeded to explain to him that I would not accept his answer.

My tirade went on for about 5 minutes with me threatening to call the BBB, use my huge billboard sign to tell the whole town what a ripoff joint that his place was.

Now Freddy calmly listened to every word and I thought I had him thinking "maybe I had better not mess with this guy"!!

This is when Freddy took the receipt from my hand, gently unfolded it and said "Scott -- this is Jiffy Lube----but the work was done at Avis Lube.

OOPS retract those statements, grin sheepishly, and excuse myself before the laughing started. Ya know it still cost him my business because I am now too embarrassed to return.

A quick stop at AVIS LUBE got my son a refund--with absolutely no incidents.
Lesson learned and I will return someday to have a laugh and probably my power steering fluid changed.

Thanks for your time
Scott E


Janie said...

You better not quit going to Freddy! He did his job, and he was nice.

And now you know they wouldn't have treated you that way.

Janie said...

PS - we must be having Avis Lube moments...check out my blog.

scotte said...

janie- thats what made me post this .love ya scott
don't worry I'll go back

scotte said...

janie -- thats what made me post this.
don't worry I'll go back.
love scott