Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Now I have decided that there are few things that I despise more than owning rental property. From the advertising, to the full remodel after every renter, there is truly no aspect that is enjoyable to me.
I think that I have seen everything and then another surprise!
This actually happened a couple of years ago but I have yet to top it.

BW and I had redone one of the 3 rental properties , she inherited from her family. We signed a lease with an a one year with an adorable family of 3. They were great looking, kid was clean, nice car, good credit, THANK
YOU JESUS, the perfect tenants for this great house.

Two, yep two weeks, not 2 years, not 2 months , 2 weeks later they called to let us know that due to a family problem they would me moving out that very day. The young man was very nice and explained that his parents were sick and he would like his deposit back. He understood that he would forfeit the rest of the months rent. He just wanted to back out of the deal, if that was acceptable.

We have been bitten before so I agreed to come and inspect the house. I told him if it looked good that we MIGHT give him back the deposit. (of course --he did not know he was requesting something that was above my authoritive level) So over I go!!!!!

The ceiling in the Living room, Kitchen, Hall, and all 3 bedrooms had the Davinci makeover. Crayon masterpieces drawn by their 3 year old!!!! I know , I know , You are thinking that there is no was a 3 year old child could reach the ceiling to draw on it!!!! That is exactly what I thought,too.

Now most readers of this don't know me personally , so lets just say that my temperment has been described as explosive by some. So after some time ( 2501 is about where I got to) I asked the young man how did the child come to be able to reach 1100 sq ft of ceiling since she was vertically challenged. He explained that he and his wife took turns holding her up so that she could do her artwork. Then he explained that after the living room , they had just used the wooden step ladder that my crew had left in the carport.

He further explained that the family had not been able to afford cable tv yet, so this was the only form of entertainment for the child. Said that he would pay for the paint, and that it shouldn't take more than one coat, because they had only allowed her to use pastel crayons.

After 3 x kilz and 6 x paint we blew popcorn acoustic on the ceilings. I hope we never have to scrape it off.


See ya next time

p.s. Anyone need to rent a nice house?


Janie said...

You are so funny!! That is hilarious.

Okay, you win in the rental horror stories category!!

Bob said...

Welcome to the blogosphere. Have fun, vent hard, unwind, and tell stories about Janie. Just cause I like to stir things up.

Panhandle Poet said...

Nice start to the blogging. Now, how are ya gonna top that one??? Truth counts -- anybody can write fiction.

Janie said...

Yeah - and check out Panhandle's blog.

He adds another challenge to the pot - by writing his posts as poems.

Showoff! (but a nice one!);)

scotte said...

Janie --your biased

Bob -thank you and look for the scoop on big sis

Panhandle poet-Truth? Okay I retract all posts

Janie- already did amazing stuff.