Tuesday, August 28, 2007

That was Fun.

Well , We did it. Made it thru the shoot, only my ears and my face (sunburn) , worse for the wear. I am still kind of overwhelmed and amazed by the turnout. I never would have believed , but it happened!

There were shooters from almost every company in the patch. Janie intro'd me to so many people that it made me dizzy. As someone said that day " Fella - Your sister is a celebrity!!!" So thanks Janie for all that goodwill. I will gladly be in your entourage????

United Way has a real friend in both XTO and Halliburton, and if you know anyone with these companies- then please tell them THANK YOU for sponsoring such an awesome event!

Oh and by the way , if you ever wondered if any of the drawings for guns and prizes are rigged???? I did not win anything!!!!!!!
Everyone else did !! or at least it seemed so anyway
Thanks and I hope I will meet YOU at the next event!!!!!
Thanks for your time
Scott E

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