Thursday, August 2, 2007


I promise that usually I am way too busy to post on a daily basis, but with the rains in West Texas .........

Is this it??? Is this what we can expect from now on?? Will we ever have another dry week???
While I cant' answer these questions any better than you can, I still love to ponder the idea!!!!

From years of living in West Texas I have learned to take what comes , and adjust accordingly.
But this is so extraordinary that it does need to be written down, I mean did you ever believe that there could be a July with only 2 days breaking the 100 degree mark ?????? I have to wonder if we have missed the superhot 113 degree dry months this year. Or did we just prolong them until Oct.? Will we have a winter this year? Did El Nino abandon us or has she set up residence some where else? Can the sand still blow when we have had this much rainfall? And if so --- how??

There are too many questions, too many possibilities, variables, and factors to consider but I do appreciate
the benifits. If the farmers can do good in the same year as the oil industry, then the economy spreads through our little community like red wine thru an espiscopal church on communion sunday. Every one prospers and we all tend to forget that we ever see another poor day!!!!

All is green (even the hardscrable South Mountain) and gardens are overflowing with maters, peppers, and
UT cucumbers (bright orange-- and we don't know why). BB3 is my garden keeper and he does a wonderful job with harvest but he is still hoping for some decent canalope and melons. Maybe this 2" rain we got today will help him in his quest.

The streets are clean from the runoff and the air is charged with that nitrogen smell that I love. The local yard guys are having a record year , and a roofing buddy said people had found leaks they never knew they had. So his business is up too, and you know he is praying for a Hail storm. By the way did you know your deductable for hail was raised to 1% of your full policy value!!!!!

Well the phone is ringing , maybe some producer has made it back to his office out of that mudhole. GOTTA HAWK THAT FIBERGLASS.


Janie said...

Okay. I'm trying to keep my blog content free.

And here you are, posting twice in two days.


love ya


Eric said...

Two inches? Ha! Underachiever. We got four.

And welcome to the blogosphere! ;-)

scotte said...

janie just a boring day at the office. love scott

thanks eric , glad i'm not there.
thanks scott