Sunday, August 12, 2007


Well its that time again. The suckerod company I work for has given the go-ahead for a new truck. Only this time I get to pick it out, Make, Model, and Manufacture. Now you need to know that I'm driving an 07 Chevy 4x4, with duramax short bed. 25000 miles and a great tech service hand gets it.
I have yet to decide which pickup to buy!!! I've always been a GM guy, (probably a throwback to Pops selling them all our life), but Fiberod is primarily a Ford buyer. In 1998 I bought my first Dodge and that truck is still running. It is a ugly sucker but if you tied it to my new Chevy, I would drag it backwards with that old Cummings.
So I am torn, Ford---Chevy---Dodge--Toyota???????
Well Toyota doesn't make a Diesel--so that's out.

I must admit that the new Fords are bad boys, I really like all the dang cubby holes they give you. Of course I'm a gatherer.

I'm leaning towards a Dodge , mainly because it would turn heads at work.
No one there drives one- and usually all our trucks are bought locally and we don't have a Dodge dealership anymore. Thanks Otto Meyers!!!

Chevy's new body style is slick but the best looking truck is the dually. Finally the fenders (back) aren't just added to a regular truck. I'm in a short bed now and its a rough rider but its a classic 07 not the new body style. I'll buy a long bed if I do choose a Chevy, 4 door , 4 wheel drive, and White of course. Russ (boss) says I like white because it matches my personality. All of his personal vehicles are black if that tells you anything, I never have been able to figure out what he means???

Anyway I could use some input Any opinions?? What do you drive??
Like it?? Don't???

Oh and by the way ---- Don't you miss the old new car unveilings that we used to have every Sept.???? Donuts, Hot Dogs, High Pressure Pitches.
Balloons, Man those were a BLAST!!! But new cars now can come out the year before with next years date on the title. Oh Well , nobody listens to me anyway , Ive been telling the railroad for years now that a train with no caboose is depressing to wait for at a crossing. You still don't see any do you???

As always thanks for your time,
See you in the Patch
Scott E


Bleu said...

Dodge ...... Black ..... You won't go back.
115k on my 98 1/2 ... that when they switched to the 24v and I've had ZERO problems.

Janie said...

Three or four of my coworkers drive Dodge diesels and LOVE them. They have Red, Silver, Black, and Black.

No white.

Janie said...

PS - remember, your vehicle is a SALES tool. You need to stand out.

And you really can't do that in a white vehicle in the oilfield.

Not this oilfield, anyway.


scotte said...

bleu- yeah my 98 has been verrry good to me

Janie- good to know about the dodges!

as for standing out phhhhffffttt nouf said!!!

Janie said...'re an executive now. Think color. Rich, beautiful, shining color.