Thursday, August 30, 2007


Here is the video of MacZ taking her first steps. Am I proud or what?

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Today I went to SweetWater Tx for a design meeting with a client. Then we went to lunch----Where Scott? you ask!


You know the family style place that has been a great place to eat for many years. The only problem with ALLAN's is that a boy like me doesn't know when to quit. OHHHHH the chicken!!!!
OHHHH that sweet squash
OOOOOOOOH the peach cobbler
oooooooooowwwwww my gut!

Seriously if you had forgotten about this treasure of the west, then do yourself a favor . Go to Sweetwater Tx. Find Allan's on old 80. Go in
Sit down. Pig out! its great

Oh if you do eat like a pig , remember this is family style dining. That means you sit at a large table and the next guests join you. Pass the taters please!!!! You will meet and break bread with some real down home folks. Always reminds me of MaMaw's in Sulphur Springs.
Thanks for your time
Happy Eating

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

That was Fun.

Well , We did it. Made it thru the shoot, only my ears and my face (sunburn) , worse for the wear. I am still kind of overwhelmed and amazed by the turnout. I never would have believed , but it happened!

There were shooters from almost every company in the patch. Janie intro'd me to so many people that it made me dizzy. As someone said that day " Fella - Your sister is a celebrity!!!" So thanks Janie for all that goodwill. I will gladly be in your entourage????

United Way has a real friend in both XTO and Halliburton, and if you know anyone with these companies- then please tell them THANK YOU for sponsoring such an awesome event!

Oh and by the way , if you ever wondered if any of the drawings for guns and prizes are rigged???? I did not win anything!!!!!!!
Everyone else did !! or at least it seemed so anyway
Thanks and I hope I will meet YOU at the next event!!!!!
Thanks for your time
Scott E

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Are YOU Ready????

This Friday , August 24th, at 8 30 am. The XTO-Halliburton "Bustin Clays for United Way" sporting clay event will be held at Wind Walker Gun Club in Stanton Tx. It's gonna be a blast! Literally!

Fiberod will be there in Force, as we are sponsoring a station. Now I'm not a shooter but we will have a team. I will be manning the station, along with a co-worker. This will be a first for me, so we set up a dry run for tomorrow morning at 9 am. (if someone messes up - we hope it won't be us)
So ya'll load up the o\u, grab a case of shells, and come on out!!(Better call to register first, its limited to the first 320 shooters) There will be lots of Good Ole Boys & Gals attending and we will have water, and cold towels (you can thank Janie for those, I'd have never thought of it), and snacks.
They are giving away Cabella gift cards ($500), and lots of shotguns.

COME ON- You can put that report off till Sunday nite at 1 am. Really its for a Great cause, and you deserve a break and some fun. Hope you can make it.
Thanks for your time,
Scott E


Okay its done. It was born today at 5 45 pm. Its a bouncing white chevy 3500 4wd Silverado Z71 ltz. Sorry but its white. It is my style , too. Long bed, 4 door, duramax. Cool!!!
thanks for all yall's imput!
scott e

Thursday, August 16, 2007

AHHHH Back Where I Belong!!!!!

FINALLY----Okay lesson learned. If you don't want the job then do not make it look easy. Due to the fact that I am computer literate ( at least I am where I work), it was fairly easy for me to learn a software program. This was impressive to at least one person, because he decided I would excel in his department.

I had no idea that by learning RODSTAR and SROD software predictive rod design , that I would be stuck in an office all day. Waiting ......................................................................................................................................................................................................................
...........................There it is --- a request for a rod string design.

Now after 8 1\2 months--I am finally in the sales department at Fiberod. Not that the months were not worthwhile, because I learned things that I would never have learned elsewhere. My supervisor has a wealth of oil field knowledge, and it takes about 30 seconds to realize that he has been there --done that!!

But like my sister before me---I was born to sell!!! I am a licensed auctioneer in Texas and have 2 or 3 auctions a month. This is a occupation that I love , but is so labor intensive that it has aged me , quickly.

So in December , after many confabs, I relented to a friend of mine and went back to work in the patch. "We have got a place for you, Scott" He said. I never figured it would be in an office. I thought that he would hand me a few brochures , give me some business cards and send me to my 4 wheel office . Not my boss, This company does not rush into anything , much less sending a rep out without the proper knowledge. So 8 months later Here I am.

Now I am not putting down anyone who works in an office, heck I still have one, but my personality and boredom do not mix. (I wish I would have figured that out earlier in life) I tend to get into trouble when I am bored. (or start a new business)

Yes , I have been in business for myself since leaving the oilfield in 1986 and joining the Big Spring Fire Dept. I have mowed yards, roofed houses, sold RO units, set pool tables, vended gum, vended dreams(8 liners), sold used furniture, new furniture, sold real estate, sold cars, opened a discount tobacco store, and bought a friends auction from his family after his untimely death. But I am still married to the same woman.

So as of Monday, August 13th, I am a salesman for Fiberod. We make the finest sucker rod on the market today. (blatant plug). I have about a week to acclimate myself to the new world of the oilfield. So where do I go??

JANIE- my sister
You didn't think I was stupid did you?
She gave me enough info to keep me busy for a month, but
I don't have a month. So like Janie --(Good Example)- I have been getting up with the chickens. Calling on leads.

I have learned that with the mention of her name- smiles follow.

I always knew she was amazing, but I did not realize how many other of you knew it, too. Please don't hold me to her standard, because at my age I am out of shape.

But give me time--sister---and I will hunt with the big dogs too. I am not talking about Zack the Wonder Dog!!!

Janie , thanks again, I know you will read this, and even if you are the only one who does, it feels good to praise you.

You are an awesome person and I don't throw that word around. (usually reserved for miracles, Jesus, and MacZ)
Maam, I am glad you are my sister. I , too , cherish the time we get to spend together. Hope we get to do it a lot more in the future.

So look out Permian Basin--Heck look out Gulf States region---Now there are two.

thanks for your time
Scott E

Sunday, August 12, 2007


Well its that time again. The suckerod company I work for has given the go-ahead for a new truck. Only this time I get to pick it out, Make, Model, and Manufacture. Now you need to know that I'm driving an 07 Chevy 4x4, with duramax short bed. 25000 miles and a great tech service hand gets it.
I have yet to decide which pickup to buy!!! I've always been a GM guy, (probably a throwback to Pops selling them all our life), but Fiberod is primarily a Ford buyer. In 1998 I bought my first Dodge and that truck is still running. It is a ugly sucker but if you tied it to my new Chevy, I would drag it backwards with that old Cummings.
So I am torn, Ford---Chevy---Dodge--Toyota???????
Well Toyota doesn't make a Diesel--so that's out.

I must admit that the new Fords are bad boys, I really like all the dang cubby holes they give you. Of course I'm a gatherer.

I'm leaning towards a Dodge , mainly because it would turn heads at work.
No one there drives one- and usually all our trucks are bought locally and we don't have a Dodge dealership anymore. Thanks Otto Meyers!!!

Chevy's new body style is slick but the best looking truck is the dually. Finally the fenders (back) aren't just added to a regular truck. I'm in a short bed now and its a rough rider but its a classic 07 not the new body style. I'll buy a long bed if I do choose a Chevy, 4 door , 4 wheel drive, and White of course. Russ (boss) says I like white because it matches my personality. All of his personal vehicles are black if that tells you anything, I never have been able to figure out what he means???

Anyway I could use some input Any opinions?? What do you drive??
Like it?? Don't???

Oh and by the way ---- Don't you miss the old new car unveilings that we used to have every Sept.???? Donuts, Hot Dogs, High Pressure Pitches.
Balloons, Man those were a BLAST!!! But new cars now can come out the year before with next years date on the title. Oh Well , nobody listens to me anyway , Ive been telling the railroad for years now that a train with no caboose is depressing to wait for at a crossing. You still don't see any do you???

As always thanks for your time,
See you in the Patch
Scott E

Thursday, August 9, 2007

avis lube???

My #1s came home from summer school at U.T. earlier this month, and decided he would get his oil changed. Now never has he taken it upon himself to do P.M. on the 99 Honda he drives. So how could I gripe about him taking the responsibility?

When he comes home , he tells his mom that they charged him $79.00 to change his power steering fluid. What he did not know was that I had done that 1 month before, you know , before he got responsible.

So on Monday after he had returned to Austin, I took the bill and went to the local oil change store, Jiffy Lube. I had been doing business there for years and knew the manager, Freddy. I showed him the bill and explained that my son had been scammed by his establishment. He said there was nothing he could do. Now I do understand the concept of leverage and proceeded to explain to him that I would not accept his answer.

My tirade went on for about 5 minutes with me threatening to call the BBB, use my huge billboard sign to tell the whole town what a ripoff joint that his place was.

Now Freddy calmly listened to every word and I thought I had him thinking "maybe I had better not mess with this guy"!!

This is when Freddy took the receipt from my hand, gently unfolded it and said "Scott -- this is Jiffy Lube----but the work was done at Avis Lube.

OOPS retract those statements, grin sheepishly, and excuse myself before the laughing started. Ya know it still cost him my business because I am now too embarrassed to return.

A quick stop at AVIS LUBE got my son a refund--with absolutely no incidents.
Lesson learned and I will return someday to have a laugh and probably my power steering fluid changed.

Thanks for your time
Scott E

Saturday, August 4, 2007


Okay Janie has tagged me in this little mind boggle

Name 6 spots you have visited in Texas and would rather be than in front of your computer.
Then name 6 spots in Texas you have never been but would rather be than where you are now.

Here are mine.

Been there , Done that , Wish I was there now.

1. Studers Arlington on Division playing pool with my brother Tony
2. Barton Springs swimming with the 3 boys
3. East Big Spring at home playing with my granddaughter
4. Port Royal resort Mustang Island
5. Iron Horse CC FT. Worth Playing golf with good friends
6. Sulphur Springs for anything other than a funeral

Now for the 6 places I want to visit
1. University of Texas graduation ceremony for BB1 (next year)
2 Wind Walker Shooting Club - watching Janie kick butt
3 6666 ranch in north Texas (supposedly won in a game of 5 card stud)
4 Inside one of those mammoth Wind turbines on South Mountain, Howard county
5. The Super Bowl If its ever played in Dallas or Houston
6. Barton Creek Resort golfing weekend

Sorry, but I have been all over Texas and I really had to stretch it to get 6 places that I have not been. I would tag someone to play this but I don't know 6 of you in the blogging community yet.

As always thanks for takin the time,
CYA, Scott

30 years of time erased in 1 weekend

Wow , we just did my 30 year reunion!!! Class of 77 Big Spring High School. I cant believe all the people that showed up, and how good they looked!! We had over 300 graduate in 77 (pre Webb closing) and about 80 or 90 showed up. Unbelievable, It was like we all had never left.

We met at a local restaurant Fri nite. Now here is where an old annual would come in handy! But within minutes old friendships were rekindled, and memories were in the air. Stories (both funny and scary)
were told on everyone by everyone. Better Halfs were introduced and the party was on. They rocked the bar until closing time (I heard) and everyone looked pretty haggard the next morning at the

Golf Tournament--BSCC 8 am (ya'll can thank Tom Churchwell for that)
This was the most fun I have ever had at a Golf Tourny, No prizes, No Mulligans, Just a bunch of 48 year olds having a great time duffing and laughing at each other. Of course we cheated , but we announced that we would from the beginning. My team was George Robertson, Jeff Kushaney, and Robert Creelman. We shot a par 71 but turned in a score of 7 under!!! Still didn't win ===last group had an eraser. We finished at 12ish for
Lunch - hamburgers and burnt beans. Here we recieved the name tag that showed your name with your senior picture. This would have been handy at 8 am because noone looked as good as the night before and it was hard to locate your teammates. Everyone had a great time and we went home to ready ourselves for Saturday nite.
7pm BSCC for Disco and Buffet. Here is where Jill (odom) Spannus and Susan (Smith) Smith really went to work. Jill was dragging everyone to the dance floor -whether they wanted to or not. Susan was the MC and awarded all the normal prizes, then broke out the karoke machine. We listened to Kyle and the Wheelettes sing a Barry White ballad and then Robert Creelman (had a #1 hit in germany???) sing country. They were all actually good, really good.
Lisa and I had a great time and shame on you that did not show up, but I hope to see you all next time. 10 years older but still rocking.


Scott class of 77 (most likely to go to jail)

Thursday, August 2, 2007


I promise that usually I am way too busy to post on a daily basis, but with the rains in West Texas .........

Is this it??? Is this what we can expect from now on?? Will we ever have another dry week???
While I cant' answer these questions any better than you can, I still love to ponder the idea!!!!

From years of living in West Texas I have learned to take what comes , and adjust accordingly.
But this is so extraordinary that it does need to be written down, I mean did you ever believe that there could be a July with only 2 days breaking the 100 degree mark ?????? I have to wonder if we have missed the superhot 113 degree dry months this year. Or did we just prolong them until Oct.? Will we have a winter this year? Did El Nino abandon us or has she set up residence some where else? Can the sand still blow when we have had this much rainfall? And if so --- how??

There are too many questions, too many possibilities, variables, and factors to consider but I do appreciate
the benifits. If the farmers can do good in the same year as the oil industry, then the economy spreads through our little community like red wine thru an espiscopal church on communion sunday. Every one prospers and we all tend to forget that we ever see another poor day!!!!

All is green (even the hardscrable South Mountain) and gardens are overflowing with maters, peppers, and
UT cucumbers (bright orange-- and we don't know why). BB3 is my garden keeper and he does a wonderful job with harvest but he is still hoping for some decent canalope and melons. Maybe this 2" rain we got today will help him in his quest.

The streets are clean from the runoff and the air is charged with that nitrogen smell that I love. The local yard guys are having a record year , and a roofing buddy said people had found leaks they never knew they had. So his business is up too, and you know he is praying for a Hail storm. By the way did you know your deductable for hail was raised to 1% of your full policy value!!!!!

Well the phone is ringing , maybe some producer has made it back to his office out of that mudhole. GOTTA HAWK THAT FIBERGLASS.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Now I have decided that there are few things that I despise more than owning rental property. From the advertising, to the full remodel after every renter, there is truly no aspect that is enjoyable to me.
I think that I have seen everything and then another surprise!
This actually happened a couple of years ago but I have yet to top it.

BW and I had redone one of the 3 rental properties , she inherited from her family. We signed a lease with an a one year with an adorable family of 3. They were great looking, kid was clean, nice car, good credit, THANK
YOU JESUS, the perfect tenants for this great house.

Two, yep two weeks, not 2 years, not 2 months , 2 weeks later they called to let us know that due to a family problem they would me moving out that very day. The young man was very nice and explained that his parents were sick and he would like his deposit back. He understood that he would forfeit the rest of the months rent. He just wanted to back out of the deal, if that was acceptable.

We have been bitten before so I agreed to come and inspect the house. I told him if it looked good that we MIGHT give him back the deposit. (of course --he did not know he was requesting something that was above my authoritive level) So over I go!!!!!

The ceiling in the Living room, Kitchen, Hall, and all 3 bedrooms had the Davinci makeover. Crayon masterpieces drawn by their 3 year old!!!! I know , I know , You are thinking that there is no was a 3 year old child could reach the ceiling to draw on it!!!! That is exactly what I thought,too.

Now most readers of this don't know me personally , so lets just say that my temperment has been described as explosive by some. So after some time ( 2501 is about where I got to) I asked the young man how did the child come to be able to reach 1100 sq ft of ceiling since she was vertically challenged. He explained that he and his wife took turns holding her up so that she could do her artwork. Then he explained that after the living room , they had just used the wooden step ladder that my crew had left in the carport.

He further explained that the family had not been able to afford cable tv yet, so this was the only form of entertainment for the child. Said that he would pay for the paint, and that it shouldn't take more than one coat, because they had only allowed her to use pastel crayons.

After 3 x kilz and 6 x paint we blew popcorn acoustic on the ceilings. I hope we never have to scrape it off.


See ya next time

p.s. Anyone need to rent a nice house?